Hello viewers! How are you? Hope for very well. Today I talking about a lawn as part of my garden. So I want to share how to care of your lawn, how to keep it healthy throughout the year. I will also want to talk a little about the types of grass there and what must choose according to the needs you have.

The land where you go to place the lawn must be clean of weeds, smooth and well hydrated. I advise that several days before planting seeds, soil to thereby accelerate the process of emergence of weeds and to uproot. The seeds that you must use depend on the climate zone in which you find yourselves. But not only that, but also must take into account the use you go to give and the nature of the soil.

Now in summer it is advisable to water at least every night and, if possible, also another watered in the morning, at dawn. When mowing, the perfect height is three to four centimeters, especially in summer. The number of times a week to make the cut is two and also is best done at dusk, when the grass is dry and that is when less damage will be done.

What you have like these tips? Are you going to use? Do you know some other good advice for the lawn? Then google will help to find by search tips for colorful lawn.


Basic care for your lawn

Each person, depending on your tastes, you will have a type of flowers or plants in your garden. But surely what is missing is never the lawn and it’s always nice to have a deep green color.

If you see that your lawn starts to turn a yellow tone, you must perform a necessary steps urgently. It is advisable to fertilize the lawn in the spring, summer and autumn and use a slow release fertilizer.

If you start to grow moss (mainly usually happens if you get long shadow), you must purchase a special anti-moss product to remove and prevent drowning grasses, essential to have a dense and beautiful lawn.

If clubs appear, your lawn will you indicating that something is wrong. In this case it applies a selective herbicide or slow release fertilizer with herbicide.

Do you have a garden with a bright green? Why do not you take a picture so we can see it? Share with us!

As care lawn in summer

Early summer indicates the arrival of good weather and thus enjoy more of our garden. This requires that we take into account a number of care.

The first thing to do is mow the entire lawn. Make a cut 1 or 2 cm lower than usual, and damaged plants, dry leaves and yellow points are removed. It will also allow the new grass to grow better. You should then spread fertilizer evenly using a suitable fertilizer. Finally, you can freshen the soil, making holes for all nutrients and water penetrate better. Regad with water to prevent drying, and it will withstand high temperatures especially in the midday hours.

Be especially careful with pests and fungi, most common in hot weather. If you see appear, apply special fungicides for turf as you realize. It is also a good time to replant areas that have run out of grass, so you can recover throughout the winter.