Are you really happy with the various general insurance covers that you have? Do you feel you are getting the maximum value for your money? If your answer to both these questions are no, then you need to change your insurance provider right away. Consider buying your general insurance plans from a reputed insurance provider like Bharti Axa General Insurance. Read on to know more.

Do’s and don’ts of buying Bharti Axa General Insurance

Bharti Axa General Insurance is one of the best general insurance providers of India. They have an array of plans to choose from. Let us look at the DOs of buying a Bharti Axa insurance plan:

  • Compare: Never buy a Bharti Axa General Insurance plan without comparing it along with the other available options. It is absolutely mandatory for you to compare insurance and the case is no different here.
  • Read the policy wordings: Be careful to read the policy wordings very carefully before you sign on the dotted lines. Unless you read the terms and conditions carefully, you will not be aware of the details related to the plan.
  • Pay the premium: Pay the premium when buying the general insurance plans of your choice. Also, pay the premiums on time thereafter to enjoy a continuous and uninterrupted insurance cover from Bharti Axa General Insurance.

Now let us take a look at some of the DON’Ts of buying a Bharti Axa General Insurance plan. These are very important and you must follow them at every cost:

  • Buy the first plan you come across: Please do not make the mistake of buying the first plan you come across. Keep looking till you find your ideal cover from Bharti Axa General Insurance.
  • Default on your payments: Like mentioned above, regular payments of premiums will keep you covered in an uninterrupted manner. So never default on your premium payments and pay every instalment on time.
  • Get entangled in fraudulent transactions: Unfortunately, frauds are present everywhere. If you are buying a Bharti Axa General Insurance plan offline, ensure you go via an authorised insurance agent. If you are buying the plan online, try to buy it from the official and authorised platforms. This will help reduce the chances of fraud and you will get a genuine insurance cover.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will surely be able to find you’re most suitable general insurance plans from none other than Bharti Axa General Insurance.

Benefits of buying Bharti Axa General Insurance

As we said, Bharti Axa General Insurance is one of the most reliable names in the market these days. As a result, you get many benefits when you get associated with this company. Some of the benefits are:

  • Good plans at good rates: The Bharti Axa General Insurance plans are loaded with some of the best possible features. However, these plans don’t drill a hole in your savings. The plans are quite affordably priced and allow you to stay covered in an inexpensive manner.
  • Adequate assistance: The insurance provider has a very helpful and able customer support team. The executives are kind and knowledgeable and ever willing to help you. So no matter what your queries or doubts are, you will always be able to find a solution after approaching Bharti Axa’s customer support cell.
  • High incurred claim ratio: The incurred claim ratio of Bharti Axa General Insurance is very high. Consequently, you are assured of getting your claim processed very smoothly to when the need arises. Unlike some other insurance providers, you don’t have to run in loops, arrange for file loads of documents or worry about spending money just to have your claim. The insurer, with the easy claim process, makes it very simple for you.

These are some of the best advantages that you get when you buy your general insurance plans from Bharti Axa.


The plans from Bharti Axa General Insurance are excellent in more than one way. You will never make a loss when you buy their plans. So whether you need a car insurance plan, a two wheeler insurance plan, a travel insurance plan or a health insurance plan, do check out the options available from Bharti Axa General Insurance. You will surely find some of the best plans from this highly efficient insurance provider or on So without wasting any more time, get to work and discover some amazing insurance covers for yourself.