An Update on Brackets and Some Late Game Analysis!


What’s up SportsBlog? I survived Japan. It was a battle across the board: for my physique to stay in shape despite the ramen, for my liver to stay functional despite the sake, and for my reputation to create premium content on SnapChat and my Instagram story. Honestly, I probably succeeded best at the last one with a hodge-podge of incredible videos and pictures of odd happenings in Japan. Yes, this is self-congratulatory. Yes, I am patting my own back. But come on people, when you know you put good material out there, it should be commended and I’m just starting the train here.

Alright enough about my trip to Japan, let’s talk about an incredible weekend in college basketball. Ratings are up, upsets are happening all over the place, and there is literally no telling who is going to win this thing. My bracket is a sham of an attempt at educated guesses, but I still have Kentucky out there grinding and in the grand scheme of winning a bracket challenge, it almost always comes down to picking the winner. This upcoming weekend will be an absolute BATTLE for the boys in Blue as they take on UCLA first and most likely UNC next if they survive. My god it isn’t the teacup schedule I could have hoped for but we knew what we were getting into from the beginning. Go Cats.

My picks from Thursday’s games were not what I would call super accurate or effective. By my count I was 5-10-1 which SIMPLY WILL NOT GET IT DONE. I apologize to my fellow blog readers and know this is unacceptable. I will make pics with unbridled passion and sharpness this week, and we will right this ship. Really though, that’s what makes the NCAA Tournament so fun, is that really anything can happen. I mean, look at the state of your bracket now. Did anyone not have Duke or NOVA coming out of the East? Michigan looks like a team that might go to the Final Four? Who is on South Carolina’s team and my good god do they look like animals. This shit is about to get real exciting real fast coming up in a few days. I had a buddy who rented out a box for some clients this weekend at the Garden for the games. He is disappointed that it’s not gonna be Duke-Nova on Sunday. I told him forget that, March Madness isn’t about 1-2 playing for a trip to the Final Four, it’s about the teams that fought and clawed their way to have a chance. Choose yourself a battler and grab yourself some premium liquor drinks and whoop your way to an exciting Sunday afternoon. (I’ll be there too.)

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