Breaking News: Steph Curry and Kevin Durant at odds over Warriors loss to Memphis.


Did Steph Curry check KD on the low low during the post game interviews?? After a long, rough night in Memphis in which the Warriors more resembled the Wizards than the two time defending Western Conference champion, Kevin Durant gave reporters a long, meandering explanation of what went wrong. The former Thunder superstar went into clinical detail about the getting into the penalty in the first quarter and so on and so on. An earlier loss to the Grizzlies may have been a big deal in Oklahoma City worthy of excuse making. but to the Warriors it’s just a divot in the road. Curry followed Durant’s dissertation on what went wrong in Memphis. The two time reigning MVP told those same reporters “We sucked tonight. No excuses.” No excuses! Champions don’t do that. They lost, they’re pissed and they are gonna make sure it’s not going to happen again for a long time. Although Kevin’s been great since coming to the Bay, this was his first lesson in Warrior culture and by proxy championship culture. No excuses Read More.

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