This is Donald Trump’s Net Worth


Republican president-elect Donald Trump emerged as an unlikely victor in a grueling presidential contest against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Over the months, the billionaire businessman, television star and politician beat out contenders in the polls, thrilling throngs of adoring fans.

On June 14, Trump celebrated his 70th birthday and, just a few months later, was elected president. Here’s a look at Trump’s businesses, presidential campaign, lavish lifestyle, family and net worth.

Donald Trump Net Worth: $4.5 Billion

Forbes puts Trump’s net worth at $4.5 billion. He is No. 324 on the worldwide list of billionaires and No. 113 in the United States. Early in his campaign, the Republican president-elect said he was worth in excess of $10 billion, and he reiterated that claim on May 17 when he submitted an updated financial disclosure to the Federal Election Commission.

Born into a wealthy family, Trump inherited about $40 million from his late father, real estate developer Fred Trump, reported Celebrity Net Worth, which tracks celebrity earnings. In 1971, Donald became head of what would later be known as The Trump Organization.

Donald Trump’s earnings and title have since helped him develop over 500 companies. The business mogul has his stake in casinos, skyscrapers, television shows, golf courses, books, merchandise and more.

Donald Trump’s Businesses

The only thing bigger than Trump’s personality is his business acumen. In the 1970s, he landed a deal with Hyatt, the city of New York and the unprofitable Commodore Hotel beside the Grand Central Station, earning the right to renovate and rebrand the ailing hotel into the Grand Hyatt. That hotel became an instant success, making Trump one of the best-known real estate developers in the area.

In 1984, Trump completed construction on the 68-story Trump Tower, the home of The Trump Organization. That building includes a 60-foot waterfall and, on opening day, had five levels of retail stores and restaurants known as a New York staple.

Trump has owned a slew of successful businesses and properties, among them Trump Place, a housing development project with 5,700 apartments across 18 buildings. The Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago has a hotel, condos and numerous restaurants and shops. Wollman Rink, a Central Park staple that sees more than 5 million visitors each year, is also owned by Trump.

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Donald Trump’s Failed Businesses

While Trump has major business wins to his name, so does he have losses.

In 1988, Trump spent $365 million on a fleet of Boeing 727s, plus landing facilities in Washington, D.C., New York City and Boston. He also bought the right to paint his name on a plane. Unfortunately, his attempt to build a luxury flying experience under the Trump Shuttle name failed — and the company was decommissioned Read more.