5 Best Down & Alternative Comforters 2017


Having a quality down comforter is something that helps make your bed cozy and warm at all times. Genuine down comforters help in that they are incredibly warm and breathable, thus making them an ideal option throughout the year. To get the best down alternative comforter, you may have to read some user reviews and also consider a number of things including the fill, fabric, size and your desired warmth level. We have compiled a list of 5 down alternative comforters in 2017 to help make your choosing easy and faster.

  1. Legends Luxury Royal Baffled Comforter

There are different sizes and warmth levels from Legends. This makes it easy for all with varying needs to find their ideal down comforter that is tailored to serve them effectively. If you already know your sleep temperature, then you’ll find it easy to pick the right option for your needs. The Legends Luxury Royal Baffled Comforter is made from Hungarian goose-down fill which is hypoallergenic-tested. The fill has an amazingly feathery feel, a 15-inch premium construction stitching and 430-thread count combined cotton sateen cover to help keep the loft in place.

  1. Chezmoi Collection King Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Chezmoi Collection King Goose Down Alternative Comfort are an ideal option especially if you are looking for something strong and machine washable. It is also soft and features tough box-stitching and piped edges to help hold everything together. The hypoallergenic down comforter offers softness and warmth thus minimizing the risks of developing allergic reactions. This down comforter will help keep you comfortable while in bed thanks to the 100% Polyester construction.

  1. Cuddledown 700 Fill Power Temperature Regulating Down Comforter

Cuddledown 700 is a cushy comforter made using mesh fabric for a nicely balanced sleeping temperature. The crafting helps in the distribution of temperature while maintaining it harmoniously as you sleep with your partner. The down comforter has a lofty look thanks to the 700-fill power duck. One of it’s pros is that it does not cluster up or shift around the bedding with time.

  1. Crane & Canopy Supreme Goose Down Comforter

The Crane and Canopy Supreme is a 650-fill down comforter that comes with a baffle-box stitching construction. This helps ensure an even warmth while at the same time preventing the clumping together of feathers. It is a lightweight and breathable down comfort with a 400-threat count cotton cover. Its layer does not feel heavy when you cover yourself. Additionally, its fill is hypoallergenic thus helping prevent against night sneezing.

  1. Fieldcrest Luxury Down Comforter

This is a 600 fill power down comforter which is also budget-friendly. Fieldcrest Luxury Down Comforter offers medium-weight warmth which makes it cozy and warmer compared to the more premium brands. It is an ideal and simple option which you can use to slip your duvet cover at a reasonable cost.

While there are other best down alternative comforter options, the 5 listed above do provide you with different warmth levels and coziness when you sleep at night. They vary in pricing but answer to different needs effectively.