Body Spray Mist

Now, this is really confusing and puzzled situation when you want your body spray mist to give the best results and you don’t exactly know where to spray it. Isn’t it? Knowing the right places to spray is the key to saving efforts as well as money which you have invested while buying the mist body spray. So, in order to have the mesmerizing fragrance, staying alerted about the area where it should be sprayed is the utmost requirement. To make you use your mist body spray even more resourceful, you can read two favourable tips below which, if you will follow will surely gives you satisfactory results every time you wear your best body spray.

Don’t Spray on Clothes

You must have always thought or told by people that if the body spray mist is sprayed on clothes then it will allow the scent to last longer and make you smell absolutely fantastic. Right! Didn’t you hear all these false things? In fact, this is not true that if you spray the fragrance on clothes then it will help you smelling better, what actually is that the scent of your mist body spray will dissipate even more rapidly. The solution is to spray on the body so that the scent can produce the desirable result.

Spray Under Your Clothes

If you are really keen to have the soothing and wonderful smell of the spray to last longer then the most effective way to do it is to spray on those areas where it could be able to smell longer. Though the body spray mist is usually meant to be sprayed on clothes to throw an impressive impression on others, but still, you can use it beneath your clothes and can allow it to last longer during work or for the party, function or anything else.

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