Janmashtami Festival is a time when family and friends get together to pray, for fun and to seek blessings of Lord Krishna. On this festive season, we wish to send Jamashtami wishes to all our readers.

Here we are explaining to our readers that why Janmashtami is famous among Hindus.

Janmashtami is one of the Biggest Indian religious festival and It’s also known as Gokulashtami. It is the day when Lord Krishna was born and Hindus celebrate the birthday of their beloved God Sri Krishna in a very large scale and if you want to feel how Janmashtami is celebrated then Mathura is the best place to visit.

Mathura is the place where Lord Krishna was born. Bhakts of Lord Krishna believe that Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.  He was born to Princess Devaki and Vasudeva in Mathura but he was raised in Gokul by his foster parents Yashoda and Nanda and was born in the mid of the night, five hundred years ago at the end of the Dwapur Yuga. Lord Krishna is a symbol of fairness.  He saved people from his cruel uncle Kansa, Who was a tyrant Ruler.

According to Hindu calendar, Janmashtami is celebrated on the eight days of Bhadrapada month and its falls in the month of August or September. This year it will be on 15 August. Devotee stays awake whole night, as lord Krishna was born in the mid night at 12 am and offering prayers to him. Many Devotees also do fasting on Janmashtami till his birth. Decorate temples with flowers and lights. Reading Bhagavad Geeta is the most important part of the day which devotees do at Temples and home. On Janmashtami, Dahihandiaslo holds an important ritual, where young men break a hanging pot by forming a human Pyramid this is mainly celebrated in the city mumbai, Maharashtra. Raas Leela practice is another way to celebrate the Janmashtami. It shows the story of the Krishna in which he dances with his beloved Radha’s and her Sakhis. The Indian classical dance form Kathakis believed to have been evolved from Raas Leela.

Raas leela is an enactment of the childhood antics life of lord Krishna. people also indulge in various shayari sessions ,bhajan sandhyas to mark this day.

Krishna janmashtami shayari is so intoxicating that you start dancing and singing for the love of God. People feel blissful and dance to the tune of the amazing Krishna janamashtmi shayari.

Raas Leela tells the stories of the Lord Krishna flirtatious nature. It is performed on a night when Krishna playing the flute and attracted the gopis of Vrindavan, in Mathura district and speaks of love and romance.

People also said that if you listen or watch Raas Leela, You will attain pure love and blessings from Krishna.

Lord Krishna’s birth and life had a profound impact on Indian culture, philosophy, and civilization.

Dekho Phir Janmashtmi Aayi Hai,

Makhan Ki handi ne phir mithas badai hai,

Kanha Ki leela hai Sabse Pyari,

Wo de tumhe duniya bhar ki khusiya sari.