Spring is almost coming to an end, which means only one thing – summer is in the air!Well, it is one such season where you can feel the fresh, warm wind play with your hair and mind you, it is the best time of the year to take up outdoor activities. If you’ve been looking forward to goingoutdoors to enjoy a sunny day, why not go on a picnic with your loved ones?

If you’re pondering about how to have a good time at a picnic, then look no further because you’ve landed in the right place. Below, we’ve mentioned some of our tips to make the most out of your picnic plans. Read on and take notes!

  • Choosing a spot

A must do thing before you go for picnic is choosing a great spot. Well, there is nothing better than a spot by the tree, as it will provide you with good shade and ultimately keep you protected from the harsh sun.

Always choose a spot depending upon the people you are going to spend time with and do keep in mind their health conditions. Think whether your parents can hike up with their knee problems orwill your kid get scared of heights.Also remember that, you have to drag or lift your stuff all the way to that spot, so choose wisely.

  • Getting help

The most important thing to have a memorable picnic is delicious and mouth-watering food. So, instead of going through the trouble of choosing which dishes to prepare, why not ask your family and friends as to what they would like to eat? Also, we know it can be a daunting task to prepare food for a number of people, so ask them whether they can come to help you with it because who knows you may start having fun before the picnic  starts.

  • Food for thought

Now, everybody’s choice will differ when it comes to food. So, when packing food for picnic, we’d recommend that you avoid carrying items that are sticky and might melt till the time you reach the spot; you never know when a sealed container might fail to do its job and you might end up finding those sandwiches swimming in gravy. If you are carrying any liquids, such as tea or fruit juice, then ensure that the thermos is tightly sealed and stored in zip lock bag.

  • List of items to carry

Yes, we have already gone through the trouble and feel that youshouldn’t, which is why we’ve made you a checklist of items that you need to carry for a hassle free picnic.

  1. Tablecloth

Get the one with those red and white checks. It will make a good shot when you post those#foodporn photos on Instagram.

  1. Cooler and icepacks

Get a bigger cooler and save yourself from carrying two separate ones for food and drinks.

  1. Bottled water

You will run out of it quicker than you can say ‘thirsty’.So, carry handful of bottled water and freeze them overnight. This way they will still be chilled till the time you reach the spot.

  1. Set of crockery, cutlery and glassware

Before you buy those disposal ones, try to remember your last picnic where nearly half of the plates and spoons flew away with wind and you ran your ass off to catch them. That being said, it is better to get your own set of cutlery from the kitchen and save yourself from all the trouble.

  1. Napkins and wet wipes

They literally vanish the moment people set eyes on them. So, bring a lot of them.

  1. Sanitizer

Put only delicious food in your belly and not bacteria. Stay clean, stay safe and always carry a sanitizer.

  1. Corkscrew/Bottle opener

You brought a pack of cold drinks or a quality wine and forgot that one thing that could open it? Well, congratulations!To avoid such a situation, bring one along with you anddon’t be sorry.

  1. Sunscreen

Save your skin and yourself by using sunscreen to avoid that burn.

  1. Cutting pad and knife

If you are thinking of eating fresh fruits after you reach your spot, a cutting pad and knife may come in handy.

  1. Bug spray

Nothing is worse than mosquito bites while you’re busy witnessing a beautiful sunset, right? Well, then make them go away by using a bug spray and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  1. Trash bags

Leave nature the way it was before you went there. After loadsof fun you had, collect all the garbage and drop it in a trash can nearby or take it back to your home.

  1. Basic first aid

A picnic can’t be fun all the time for everyone. Along the journey someone might get sick, injured or maybe you are bringing a sick friend along so they don’t miss the fun; to get to grips with such situations, it will be better to keep a basic first aid kit with you.

  1. Something to play

If you’ve got kids with you, bring some toys or stuff that will keep them excited the whole time.

Yes, we know that this is a lot of stuff and it won’t fit in your food basket even if you try to sit on it. So, we recommend you to get a good tote box to pack all this stuff in. Here’s a bonus tip-in order to keep your mind at peace make sure that you use foam, bubble wraps or sponges to protect your glassware and drive safely along those speed bumps.

We hope that the above mentioned tips help you make your next picnic a memorable one! Remember, things may not go as planned, so always keep calm, see how you can improvise and most importantly, have fun!