There is no denial to the fact that prints are an affordable yet chic way of decorating one’s space. They have the ability to transform the way a place looks and that too on a budget. Smart insertion of right prints and posters can elevate the entire appeal of a room while even the creations of Michelangelo can look silly if placed incorrectly. A perfect room doesn’t happen by chance. A lot of investments need to be made in terms of money, efforts and emotions to achieve the desired look. Arranging prints is an art which can be mastered only with the flow of time. There are numerous principles which include, but aren’t limited to, balance, colour, proportion and scale that need to be remembered before displaying an artwork. However, there are certaincheat codes that can help you in stepping up your game of arranging prints. Whether you have bought prints online or from a local art gallery, these tips will work equally well in both the cases. So, here are ten amazing tips and tricks that will help you intelligently arrange your prints while making them look like a million bucks.

  • Study the wall:
    Before diving directly into arranging the print, it is vital to gain a considerable understanding of the wall on which you’re planning to place it. Look at the shape of the wall and then the artwork to decide the right place to hang it. Understanding the arrangement before placing it on the wall is a good idea.
  • Understand the décor:
    Always incorporate only those pieces which will compliment your existing décor. Choose a piece that stands out without overpowering the existing elements of the room.
  • Bigger prints for big blank walls:
    If you have a plain black wall, then let a statement piece do its magic. Big walls need a great element of interest and you can achieve it by creating a huge impact with one large piece. For affordable options, you can hunt for art prints online.
  • Similar art pieces look best in symmetry:
    Prints that resemble in each other in shape and size look best when placed symmetrically. By following this approach, you can successfully fill any wall while creating a balance.
  • Choose asymmetry for dissimilar artworks:
    You must always place unlike are asymmetrically. Add to the visual appeal by choosing pieces which vary from each other in shape and size. Try bringing them together to achieve a casual look.
  • Tie the print with room by incorporating similar colour schemes:
    If you’re afraid that the print might not go well with the room, then try pulling of the colours of the artwork into the room. By doing so you will be able to seamlessly incorporate an artwork into a space.
  • Don’t forget about spacing:
    If you’ve brought multiple prints online and are excited to place them together, then do it but remember to keep some adequate distance between two artworks. This spacing is important as it will allow each print to have its own personality while contributing their share towards a bigger piece.
  • The love affair of mirrors with prints:
    Mirrors and art look beautifully with each other. This is a great cheat trick if you don’t have ample amount of pieces to fill up a wall. Mirrors not only help in making the room look spacious but assist in giving a classic look to the entire room.
  • Plan the layout before hanging:
    This is an important one. Use the floor or a table to arrange the artworks as you’d like to hang them. This will give you a fair idea as to how it will look once it has been hanged on the wall. If there are certain changes which you’d like to make, then you can do it then and there without doing any damage to the wall.
  • Don’t forget about the frames:
    Frames are a vital part of the artwork. To achieve a clean symmetrical look, opt for similar looking frames. Wide frames work the best with statement prints while small border frames work wonders in clusters.

Purchasing awe-inspiring art prints online is a great and affordable way to bring a fresh vibe into the space while breaking its monotony. Remember the aforementioned tips before hanging the artworks to make your space look like it has been designed by the experts.