Bill Gates says Trump has the opportunity to be like JFK

President-elect Donald Trump has a chance to set up “American administration through development,” Bill Gates told CNBC on Tuesday.

“A great deal of his message has been about … where he sees things not in the same class as he’d like,” the extremely rich person Microsoft (MSFT) prime supporter said on “Screech Box.”

“Be that as it may, similarly President Kennedy discussed the space mission and got the nation behind that,” Gates proceeded with, “I think whether it’s training or ceasing pestilences … [or] in this vitality space, there can be an extremely perky message that [Trump’s] organization [is] going to arrange things, dispose of administrative obstructions, and have American authority through development.”

Entryways said he as of late talked on the telephone with Trump, and examined the force of development. “Obviously, my entire vocation has been thusly. What’s more, he was occupied with listening to that. What’s more, I’m certain there will be further discussion.”

Entryways said it was the first occasion when he had talked with Trump, however he said they have shared companions.

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