If you have not traveled much, you have not lived to the life to the fullest. We need to travel to explore new lands and to see different culture and different landscape as this broadens our mind. We all get it but it is our financial condition that restricts most of us to live life in that way. But if you have managed to save some money and there are some tips that you should try to make your travel less stressful and save money at the same time. Sounds amazing right? Of course it does. So, check out the following tips –

1. Save on transportation

Compared to the significant price increase, there is not too much of a benefit for you to get a seat in the more expensive cabins (if you’re taking an airplane). Also, in-flight amenities are overrated. After all, the flight is only meant to get you from your location to your destination. Travel for cheap by finding an economy seat on a plane from a trusted airline, and just sit tight with your headphones on. Look out for cheap airfare deals and early booking discounts too which is extremely easy in today’s internet world.

2. No need for an expensive hotel room

When you travel, you are supposed to experience the culture and life of another place, not the comfort of your hotel room. So forget about getting a luxurious hotel suite. Your lodgings should at the minimum be a place to bathe, sleep, and securely store your belongings. That’s it. Spend less on your hotel room so you have more to spend elsewhere.

3. Eat where the locals do

One way to travel for cheap is to cut down the amount you spend on food. Though many hotels have restaurants within, these tend to be overpriced. The establishments surrounding hotels also tend to be overpriced. If you can, go and eat where the locals do. You will find that not only is it cheaper, but you can find some authentic local dishes done right. It takes more of a sense of adventure, yet the results can be delectable and memorable.

4. Learn and use the local transportation systems

Taking taxis all the time can be prohibitively expensive. That’s why it pays to learn about the local transportation systems and how you can use them. If there’s a rail transit system of some kind, then you can be sure that it will cost relatively less to ride than taking an airport taxi or rental car. Better yet, familiarize yourself with major thoroughfares and just walk; you will also experience more of the local flavor this way, and get some exercise to boot.

5. Keep your wits about you

It pays to think during your trip, even though you are supposed to be relaxing. For example, if you take a cab, make sure that the driver activates the meter or you could end up arguing about the fare. In more developed countries, taxis and other public transport are required to post fare breakdowns and similar information, and the vehicles that do have these are less likely to try to rip you off. Watch out for shady characters and suspicious shops. You don’t have to be afraid to be adventurous but at the same time trust your instincts when dealing with strangers. The number of locals frequenting a shop can be a clue as to how trustworthy it is. If it is mostly tourists like yourself, you may find the prices are higher than they should be.