Leather Cord is one of the finest qualities of narrow fabrics product available that is used for different purposes in a number of industries. You can get different leather cords from online. Leather cord is one of the types of narrow fabric. These narrow fabrics are further sub categorized like Flat Leather Cords, Braided Leather Cords, and Rounded Leather cords. The leather is a material that gives an aesthetic appearance to the product that is made from it. In addition, it gives a feel of royalty, fashion and opts for new trends.

There are several varieties of leather cords. In general, the 1.5mm round leather cord is used in most of the applications. These leather cords are used in the manufacturing of bags, shoes, belts, caps, mash fabrics, jackets, and jewelry. The most important application of leather cords is in jewelry. This is because using these cords will give an extra beauty to the jewelry. In jewelry making process, leather cords are used as an accessory that adds an extra beauty and gives a luxury and aesthetic beauty to the jewelry.

The 1.5mm leather cord is a soft and durable type of narrow fabric. As this leather cord finds a number of applications it is found in the market and on the online sites. A number of companies manufacture this leather cord and supply to the retailers. You can find this leather beading cord on all online sites. You can get this leather cord in different forms such as

  • Round braided
  • Flat braided
  • Round stitched
  • Flat stitched
  • Round cords
  • Flat laces
  • Leashes etc

Also, these leather cords are available in different colors and shades. This is based on the application of the cord. A number of companies manufacture and export these cords. These leather cords can be available for wholesale for also. You can get these leather cords for wholesale from both online and market retailers. These cords are versatile in nature and are easy to use. It can be used in a number of designs. These non-toxic and high-quality leather cords are one of the most popular narrow fabric materials.

These cords find more usage in jewelry making industries. However, the size, color, and feel of the cords may vary as per the requirement and application. There is a huge variety of leather cords are available for sale on the internet that can be used for a variety of applications as per the need.