It is without doubt that the state of Karnataka has prospered with time and is considered to be the leading with regards to the Information Technology industry. People from all walks of life, be it software engineers, hardware engineers, civil engineers, doctors, Chartered Accountants, bankers, etc. all are seen to come to this wonderful city to enjoy what it has to offer. Students also have been able to get into their choice of careers by joining the best and leading schools, colleges and institutions located here. As a matter of fact, the city is being thronged by people from all over the country. Even many big organizations and MNCs are known to have their head office based here. It is because of this reason that this city has been prospering and compelling people to come here for various reasons.

Tourist attractions in Karnataka

There are several cities in the state of Karnataka that has been inviting people of all types, be it for business or leisure purpose. Bangalore, the capital of the state is considered to be the most important of them all. In South India, Karnataka does occupy a prominent place of tourist attraction. It is stated to be a land filled with stunning beauty. One can get to view the age-old traditions along with the modern culture and wonders of technology.

Some of the popular attractions here include the hill stations, beautiful gardens, high waterfalls, pure beaches, historical monuments and temples, etc. This state is also popular for its sandal woods, which is exported throughout the world. Jog Falls in the Saravathi River is considered to be the tallest in the country, an ideal location where the popular cult movie “Chennai Express” was shot.

Some must visit cities in Karnataka

  • Bangalore: It is also called India’s garden city. It is also the fastest growing Information Technology industry in the country. Thus, it has been given the nickname of “Cyber City”. There are plenty of shopping malls, pubs, restaurants, lakes and gardens to visit.
  • Mysore: It is considered to be City of Palaces and is rich in ancient culture and royal heritage. One of the most important tourist destinations of the place is the Mysore Palace. The other interesting tourist spots are the ancient forts, temples, beautiful gardens, etc.
  • Coorg (Kodagu): This place boasts of having natural, scenic, stunning beauty that is a real surprise for nature lovers. It is abundant with teak forests, lush flora and fauna, coffee plantations, mountain ranges and beautiful waterfalls. Here, one can also enjoy trekking and it is also stated to be a wonderful honeymoon destination.
  • Hampi: It is considered to be one of the World Heritage UNESCO Site, attracting tourists throughout the year. One can come across several monuments and ancient temples here. The major tourist attractions are the Stone Chariot, Vittala Temple, Hazara Rama Temple and the Lotus Palace.
  • Badami: Here, one can get to see the beautifully carved sculptures and monuments. Cave temples are the other popular attractions. Archaeological Museum and Badami Fort are worth the visit.

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