Who expects divorce before entering into a marital relationship? The gifts of divorce are typically anger, gloom, fear, anxiety and other flood of emotion. We cannot deny these reactions as they are quite normal for those persons, who are constantly fighting after getting married and thus opted for divorce as their ultimate relief. As the time passes, the intensity of these negative feelings subsides.

Consequences of divorce on men and women

Any relationship is consisted of good and bad days. Depending on the nature of divorce, couples opt for various kinds of legal procedures. Smoking and drinking habits tend to increase leading to bad health. Women initiate more divorces than men do. Marriage is strongly associated with overall peace, comfort, happiness, intimacy for all persons irrespective of genders. Men cannot sleep properly after separation if he was a heterogeneous couple while women’s quality of sleep is improved. A lady may suffer economic distress if she is the sole caregiver of the kids. Loneliness can attack a divorcee woman making her hurt and unhappy. She may find it difficult to trust another man and commit to him with a fear of being rejected.  A woman can lead a happier life if she is freed of a marriage fraught with violence or conflict. Every single decision a woman takes after the divorce is an important part of this procedure. Online filling divorce California can also be opted but you must reside with your spouse for a minimum of 6 months. There are certain factors that you need to meet before filing a divorce case against your spouse.

How to file a divorce case against your spouse

It is necessary to conduct a sincere research like basics of divorce, legal separation and annulment before filing a divorce case against your spouse. Consult a lawyer who is experienced in divorce matters. Then fill out the correct court forms with details like petitioner, respondent. Make two or more copies for safety with the court clerk. Legal separation is needed to end the marriage or domestic partnership.  The lawyer should help you in filing a plan according to the laws that are prevalent in the particular country.  Filing fee needs to be paid which also varies from state to state then hire a “server” who can hand over the papers to your spouse or a friend or relative of above 18 years can also do the thing.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

Overwhelming changes can be observed due to separation and divorce. These changes are expected and predicted so you must take proper care of yourself. Turn to your family or friends for assistance, support or comfort that can act as positive vibes against the distress of a marriage ending. Involve yourself in activities that you prefer or love or try out brand new hobbies or activities which you never did before. Stay physically fit and health by getting ride. Stay physically fit and healthy by getting right exercise and consuming healthy diet. Meditation can help in coping out from any stressful situations be it divorce or any other situations. So take a deep breath and calm your mind. Think rationally about what went wrong in the marriage and try not to repeat the same in your next relationship. Striving to make your post divorce life easy and struggling to recover from the trauma of divorce are natural desires of any person. The situation becomes worse if you have a child thus blaming yourself as an unsuccessful family man or woman.