We all know that technology is growing rapidly and easier our lifestyle. It is true when it comes towards car technology. Right now new vehicles launched in a market are equipped with advanced technology system. It includes warning when a driver makes mistake. The new cars come along with an advanced braking system to apply brakes at last moment.

Today’s technology an truck focuses towards safe driving. This is reason new vehicles come along with back cameras in the car. They also provide lane departure warning and automated braking system to save people from an accident. but the real fact is that technology can’t handle accident – it depends on the behavior of the driver.

No doubt technology is really helpful in the worst situation of driving. But still, a driver has a great number of responsibilities while sitting on the wheel. The fact is that in many cases driver take participates in changing the music of car or mobile instead of focusing on roads. either they’re using a smartphone and texting someone because they feel that technology will save them.

The recent survey towards vehicle technology shows that there are plenty of options for drivers behind wheel. Touch screens are implemented for drivers to change music or let vehicle read their text messages. But professionals should need to focus on driving instead of relying on automated technology. The technology works suitable if it is used in right manner.

This is a reason why the ratio of accidents is still same. The study shows that drivers can’t stop using smartphone until they get a ticket or something bad happens to them. It is better to remain attentive on the road in every single situation. You are safe driving but others are not – so remaining attentive is key to remain safe on road.

Normal drivers usually using a smartphone or doing other things – so drivers should focus and stay aware of them. These drivers have no proper control of the car – it is better to focus. No doubt technology help you to stay safe but there are times and places to rely on technology. It is important to know about these places and time and use technology properly. On the road, there is no replacement for safe, professional driving.

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