A road traffic accident is one of the worst moments of any person’s life and everyone wants to get rid of it as early as possible. The road traffic accident including car accident, motorbike accident causes a wide range of injuries to the people that become the victim of the moment.

Sometimes these accidents happen due to the negligence of the road as whenever accident happened its hits other parts of the road including trees, mammals, and walkaways. It is the responsibility of the management to clear the whole area and remove the unpleasant things that become the reason of the accident.

It includes the deep hole on the road, service terminal or any permanent thing that may or may not exist on the roadway all of a sudden. These accidents often cause damage to the face, upper body, neck, leg, leg joint or any other part of the body and sometimes it becomes the reason of death. All over the accident, but they also cause the loss of money as to repair the physical damages and pay the medical expenses for your injuries. This is the reason agencies are working hard to decrease the number of accident from the road.

How poor sidewalks can cause to increase the number of road traffic accidents

The above-mention details show that poor sidewalks are the biggest cause of road traffic accident. The fact is that it is the liability of the management to keep the road, public road, track and pathway safer for the drivers to reduce the risk of accidents from the road. If you ever become the victim of road traffic accident happened due to the mismanagement of the department then you are eligible to make a public liability case in a court of law.

  • There was water on the roadway while the vehicle slipped as a result of over speeding and applying a sudden brake.
  • A lack of symmetry or substandard material on the road for that reason the car or an individual hits all of a sudden.
  • Too small ice to see for that reason an individual or the car gets a move in the wrong way.
  • A deep hole in the way of the road or walkway for that reason the vehicle hit or the individual slipped and fall.

Injuries attributable to poor sidewalks

Most of the time, the poor sidewalks gives the small injuries to the person as they are the small accident but it becomes worse in many cases. Sometimes these are the critical injuries and contribute to the long-term defectiveness to the person. These injuries often cause bone damage and fracture and sometimes made extreme trauma to the person mind.

If you ever become the victim of road traffic accident that happens due to the negligence of the department then you are eligible to make a compensation claim against the public department. You should file the compensation claim with the personal injury Bury solicitor to meet all the expenses you suffered due to the injury.