Family Law- Introduction:

This area of law comes under civil law and it deals with all the areas pertaining to family relationships like adoption, divorce and child custody. Any infringement of rights pertaining to the grounds of family would bring this law into application. One of the most followed zone in the legal profession as the people in this world might come across with several family disputes and such family disputes needs to be addressed by some specific law, thus, that is when family law comes into action.

Family Law


The importance of the law is to have a smooth conciliation with your family regarding the disputes that has erupted within your family. Many family law attorneys deal with either all the areas mentioned above or they just specialize on one particular area. Some might deal with paternity, emancipation or adoption and might not specialize on divorce. Family law is governed by state rules and for each region there is a separate family law. Like the Muslims are governed by the shariat law and the Hindus are governed by their specialized law.

Important terms under Family Law:

Emancipation– It is one of the most followed terms in family law. Under this law, minor becomes self- supporting and restrains from all the control that his parents have over him and assumes some separate guardian for a time being until he attains the age of majority. The minor declines all the support from that he attains from his parents and assumes the self- sustenance position without being dependent on them. Here, he completely becomes an independent being.

  • Marital Property– Property that is attained by either of the spouse during the marriage that is subject to any division after the marriage.

Reason behind appointing a Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney has a brief knowledge about the law and if you want to win a case pertaining to the family law, then always hire a top family law lawyer and make it a big win.

  • Divorce- Take for example the divorce cases. If you do not have a family law attorney then winning a divorce case will become difficult for you. Mostly, you might not have knowledge about the case and without the assistance of a lawyer, it will be quite difficult to win a case. Thus, if you are on the woman’s side then a family law attorney can help you win a huge maintenance from the opposite party while if you are on the men’s side then make sure that you hire a top- notch family law attorney so that you can curb the maintenance that is vested upon you.

In case you want to have the custody of your child, then family law attorney can help you to attain the custody of your child. A Family Law Attorney with precise knowledge of law easily gains the expertise to gain the custody of your child. If you are the weaker side, they are the one’s who find out the way how you can escape such a situation and win out of such a difficult situation.