Do you ever become a victim of accident whether it is road accident or workplace accident? If so, then you must deal with the compensation claim. Basically, compensation claim is the legal process available in every state to help the public to recover their expenses. This claim helps the public to get their money for treatment and property damages in case of accident.

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The money is given by the liable party i.e. a party whom negligence make an accident. these personal injury claims are related to different types such as whiplash injuries, trips and slip accidents and accidents on holiday places. These all accidents must deal with the compensation claim and you will definitely need the help of injury solicitor.


If you ever become a victim of an accident then you should deal with the compensation claim. This claim deals with the injuries as well as damages. Your solicitor is the one provides you information about how you can file the claim against the liable party. They will also explain you the option of settlement. If you choose the settlement option then you are not eligible for further proceeding as a liable party will give you the money for damages. There are two types of claims i.e. general damages and special damages. Let’s have look towards them:

  • Understanding general damages: This kind of damage deals with the treatment. The liable party has to pay for your pain and treatment and they also have to pay if there is any loss of entity due to an accident you suffered. In this case, the total amount the liable party has to pay you is decided by the court. It surely depends upon the nature of the accident and every single aspect is read in this case and how severe injuries you caught in the accident and also depend on extend of your disability.
  • Understanding special damages: These cases are slightly different from the general damages as the liable party pays you for the injuries you suffered while there is also a case that they have to pay you for long-term injuries. These kinds of cases linked to the loss of earnings, vehicles, damage to personal belongings and rehabilitation treatment and the cost required for medical care and treatment.

The right time for making the claim:

Any person that becomes a victim of an accident that happens due to a mistake of someone else’s is eligible for filing the compensation claim. The time period required for filing the compensation claim in case of an accident depends on circumstances of the accident and the nature of injuries. It also depends on the state as different regions have a different time period for filing the claim. You have to engage personal injury Blackburn solicitor with your case and learn the exact time of filing a compensation claim.