Sporting a handsome beard is always a dream for most men around. But yet, many of us are not able to get the desired result in the quickest time possible.

Wondering why?

There are mainly two reasons why you cannot have the most attractive beard around. Number one, you don’t have a lot of beard follicles on your face genetically. Number two, your beard hasn’t grown to its full potential and you need to provide more nutrients to it for it to grow well.

Although you cannot do much about reason number one, the second reason can be looked into pretty well with results guaranteed more often than not.

The nutritional punch

Our beard also needs necessary nutrients to have a healthy growth. Malnourished beard is much like receding hairline after heavy hair fall. Hence, supplying the essential nutrients will make them grow faster, stronger and thicker.

Protein is probably the best option here as they help in producing keratin, the fibres that build hair and nails in our body. It would be wise to include some protein-rich food in our diet like eggs, milk, chicken, steak, etc.

Beard growth products

Beard growth products have been widely popular in the last few years owing to their benefits towards the growth and maintenance of the beard. Using a beard oil does sound to be the most widespread option here.

Generally, a good beard oil has all of the necessary organic elements and ingredients that have been proven to benefit hair growth. Something like an Almond & Thyme Beard Oil would probably be one of the best options for you in this case as almonds and thyme are proven natural products that can provide wholesome goodness to your beard growth. Apart from this, Jojoba oil, Hazelnut oil, and Geranium also have a lot of benefits in this field.

Maintaining the stubble

Once you start growing the beard better and quicker than you did previously, it is only half the battle won. There is a lot of other things to worry about.

In the initial stages, the beard can grow out to be itchy and may cause a lot of irritation on the sin, besides dryness and roughness. So this is where the maintenance thing comes into the picture. If you are just thinking of chin-and-cheeks full of stubble, it is always a great option to trim it to the optimal length.

However, if you are thinking about growing it further, you have to work harder than you normally do with a stubble. You will need to keep a separate kit that is dedicated for beard products like beard wash, oil, wax (optional) and comb. All of these products will help you maintain a good beard.


Patience is the key while growing the most outstanding beard among your acquaintances. No matter how many beard growth and maintenance products you use, they are never going to show up in one night, not even in seven nights.

In the most ideal conditions, a beard can grow at an average rate of half-an-inch a month, which is during the best growing phase of the life  (between 20 and 30 years of age). Hence, even with all of the conditions favoring you, it would take more than a couple of months to grow a decent length beard.

Summing up

Skimming through this article might give you an impression that growing the perfect beard is super easy. But trust me, it isn’t. And while you work your way through ‘point 1-3’, you will have to have a lot of ‘point 4’ in you and give the process ample time.

So, if you are in the state of mind already, let’s not wait anymore and get started with the steps to grow the best beard.