The very first thing that usually comes to your mind the moment you get one wedding card is, “What am I going to wear?” And men think about it too! Yes, that is true. Weddings are not always only about good food for men, they too want to put together an awesome look. They want to look good and attractive at wedding functions. Now imagine the pressure on the groom. Quite often, they find themselves in a very tight spot because it’s their day and they must look the best.

Indian Wedding Clothing for Men are magnificent with festival-like ceremonies, lavish dinners, and abundant ceremonies. During these ceremonies, everyone’s attention is naturally directed towards the bride’s and groom’s attire. It’s their day and they are expected to look stunning and magnificent. People spend months choosing the outfits for their wedding, even their accessories and shoes, and this is quite natural for the simple reason that it is one of the precious moments of their life

Choosing the perfect wedding suit can be very difficult, especially because every man wishes to be a prince charming on his wedding day. From planning every minor detail such as accessories and embroideries to deciding the complete outfit, you would consider that Indian grooms have the same responsibilities as their brides in choosing their outfits. After all, every groom imagines this moment his entire life and he should look the best.

Unfortunately, unlike the styles and variety that are available to women when it is about wedding outfits or dresses, men have limited choices in traditional dresses. However, there are some options other than rich embroidered sherwanis with stoles that are worn with them, round the neck. If you are planning to marry soon and want to make a very good impression, then you will find this article very helpful. Here is a list of Indian wedding suits for men.


Cream Indo-western/achkan

Achkan can be considered as an amalgamation of Indian attire and the British clothing style. Achkans are long gents’ coat, which comes with long sleeves, high, round neck, and full frontal button closure. The neckline of an Achkan is often termed as a Chinese or Nehru collar. Achkans are made of light and rich fabric. The edges, seams, and collars are generally embroidered. Achkans are usually paired with tightly-fit trousers called churidars that have one buttoned cuff at its ankles, folds at its end, and fall into churis. It signifies style and elegance.


Sherwanis are long garments and resemble Achkans. However, Sherwanis are worn over kurtas. Sherwanis are made of heavy fabric and are three-piece attire that comprises of the kurta, coat, and a churidar, dhoti, or pyjamas. Sherwanis are generally well-fitted with the coat’s length till the knee.


The kurtas consist of comfortable light and loose drawstring trousers known as pyjama with loose and long knee-length shirts that has slits on each side. Kurtas have intricate embroidery, which gives them a rich look. You can either choose a loose-fitting pyjama or a tight-fitting one. You can wear a stole or a dupatta to get a more ethnic look.

Jodhpuri Suit

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For those who want something that has Indian tradition attached with western sensibilities, then Jodhpuri suits can be an ideal choice for them. It is basically a three-piece suit, which includes formal trousers, a shirt, and a coat. The coats are usually shorter compared to Sherwanis and Achkans. Jodhpuri suits usually have embroidery along their collars and the button line. The coat and the trousers are usually of one same color. Jodhpuri suits sometimes have waistcoats underneath.

Important accessories like the Mojari, the Sehra, and the Safa complete the groom’s wedding attire. Safa is actually the name of an embroidered turban that is made of beaded folds and rich fabrics. Sehra is strings of flower-vines that cover the groom’s face. Mojari is a wedding footwear, which is embroidered and ornamented and are worn by the grooms.