Marriage is a crucial point in every person’s life. But, for women it is the day when she wants to look the prettiest. The touch of jewellery to a bride’s look has the power to make her stand out on her special day.

Everybody knows that women love gems and jewels. Hence, they will keep no stone unturned to avail the best jewelleries.  There is a plethora of metals in which jewelleries are available nowadays.

However, nothing beats the value and intricate designs of gold jewellery, especially the Maharashtrian bridal ones. A Maharashtrian bride’s jewellery doesn’t end with a necklace set but it also includes rings, earrings, bangles, nose rings, and arm bracelets as well.

Nowadays, people are purchasing a lot of diamond jewellery as well. The sheen and unique beauty of a diamond “Tanmani” in a Maharashtrian wedding can add glamour to the bride’s beauty.

So, before you get set ready to fetch the best of the best, here’s a quick guide to follow:

How to plan for purchasing bridal jewellery?

  1. The first piece of advice is to start planning about jewellery as soon as the marriage date is fixed. Bridal jewellery takes time to get done, so it is best to order the jewellery design at least three to four months before the wedding.
  2. The most important thing is to purchase jewellery from trusted jewellers. In this era of internet, a lot of people opt for online jewellery.

Well, there is no harm in buying it online but ensure to opt for renowned websites.

  1. If a diamond set or any other jewel is being purchased, do not forget to get the certificate for the gemstone. Without a certificate, there is no re-sale value for them.
  2. Keep aside a separate budget exclusively for bridal jewellery. Maharashtrian weddings reflect cultural heritage and their weddings are mostly about gold jewellery sets.

Everybody knows that gold rates are going higher up with every passing day. So, purchasing Maharashtrian bridal jewellery might make a hole in the pocket. But, if a separate budget is kept aside for gold sets then it won’t disrupt the budget of the wedding.

Steps to get the right bridal jewellery

  1. Multi-wearable or detachable jewellery are good options. Try to opt for those wedding necklaces that are convertible into small pendants suiting every occasion.
  2. Purchase earrings which will go with the hair style for the D-day. For example, with a bun stud earring would look classy.
  3. Interested in traditional jewellery? Revamping mother’s jewellery is another classic way to look gorgeous.

Modifying classic gold sets with a touch of modern day ideas can make a bride look prettiest.

  1. Keep separate jewelleries for the various wedding occasions. For example, the mehendi ceremony will require attractive statement jewellery such as a “mangtika” or a gemstone “nath” because the hands need to be bare.

On the other hand, the cocktail party would require a sheen diamond pendant to get that gorgeous bridal glow.

So, plan accordingly and precisely considering your budget and trends. Make sure to look amazing on the D-day turning heads of one and all.