As there are so many brands around for people to choose from, you can find a style that matches your personality and even mood perfectly! Here are some of the biggest personality trends available right now…

The Tomboy:

This is all about looking casual and feeling comfy. It has had a bit of a revamp this year and instead of being all about looking masculine it is more about the sporty unisex look. The tomboy look is easily achievable in just a few simple steps… don’t fancy wearing an uncomfortable dress? Try rocking the sweat pants and trainers look. One of the best brands for achieving a comfy, cool and casual look would be Antony Morato.

The Bohemian:

This category is all about the floaty, floral and dreamy clothing. What does this say about your personality? It is likely that you are a fun, loving and kind hearted individual. You probably feel most at home in floaty, free and flowing clothing. Summer music festivals are the best place for your style to shine as they allow you to show off and express your ways through what you are wearing. Not everyone can pull off the boho look so if you are someone that can then well done!

The Rocker:

Rockers are definitely people who like to live life to the max! They tend to be cool, fun and independent individuals with the ‘lone wolf’ kind of vibe. If you are a rocker then you’ll be found doing something crazy and spontaneous, so make sure that you grab your biker jacket and grab life with both hands! There will never be a time when the rocker style is not cool and relevant so even if you’re not fully going for it, adding a little bit of rocker personality into your style is great.  

The Romantic:

The romantics will always gravitate toward twirling skirts, florals, blushing pinks, pearls, silks and antiques. If you are a romantic you will love to enhance your natural beauty by incorporating feminine details and flattering fits. You aren’t just frills and bows though, and your personality is probably expressed through many different styles and you may find your inspiration from vintage Hollywood, the Victorian Era and the country etc.

The Classic:

Classic personalities attract timeless pieces and structured fits. If you are a classic you most probably avoid fussy prints, trends and attention-seeking pieces. Your style icons probably include Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton. You are all about tweeds, blazers, crisp white blouses, pencil skirts and darks denim. Your wardrobe may be packed with Kate Spade and Ralph Lauren etc.