Making juices on commercial basis in large quantities might be required at many restaurants and cold drink houses that offer different beverages, cold drinks and shakes. Commercial juicer machine India is used extensively in these stores to cope up with the continuous demand for fresh juices.

Working principle of commercial juicer:

Pieces of fruits are inserted through a chamber and are grinded into small shreds through high rpm cutting blade. Then these shreds are sent against a straining screen revolving at similar speed of cutting blade. Weight of the fruit material spinning at high speed creates a force that would be pushing against the screen. This centrifugal force pulls the juice out of the fruit material. The juice produced will be strained through the straining screen and the remaining dry material or pulp will remain within the strainer screen.

These type of juicers are not suitable for fruits such as banana and leafy vegetables such as spinach and wheat grass. Due to its high speed this type of juicers may create some amount of foam. However this is an effective way of extracting juice compared to continuous pulp ejection type machines.

Pulp produced during the process will remain in the basket or strainer and will not eject automatically during the juicing process. This needs to be removed from the basket periodically when it fills up with pulp.

Another variety of commercial juicer is continuous type centrifugal juicer. This contains an inclined strainer basket for continuous juicing. The initial working process of feeding fruit pieces through a channel or chute and cutting them in smaller shreds through high speed cutting blade is almost the same. The inclined strainer allows the pulp also to glide away, and thus in this type of juicer the pulp doesn’t remain inside the basket till it is cleaned out.  Spinning fruit material moves up in the basket and the remaining pulp is taken into a container for easy disposal. This method allows continuous juicing as there will not be any need to stop the juicer for cleaning the basket. Thus these type of juicers are easier to clean than full basket type machines.

Features and advantages of commercial juicer machines:

  • If a restaurant or café wishes to add range of fresh fruit and vegetable juices in its menu, commercial juicer machine is a must as it will help to prepare juices continuously with less downtime for cleaning.
  • Even for large families where plenty of juice would be prepared on daily basis commercial juicer machine can be a good solution.
  • Depending on the estimated quantity of juice to be produced different capacities of commercial juicers can be chosen.
  • The process of cleaning these juicers is simple and easy. Thus our staff would not require higher time to clean the juicers frequently.
  • Commercial juicer is sturdier in construction and has considerably much powerful motor than small household units. Thus they can perform better for longer times and we can get the return on investment much faster.
  • Commercial juicers produce cleaner and pulp-free juices that are admired by most of the customers.