Each one of us have our own impact with social networks in our every-day’s life. The Internet explosion happens to be the root cause for the evolution of social media networks. Well again, thanks to the mobile explosion, social networks now have started to stay in our hands for all time.

Stats say that the number of mobile devices in this world has overtaken the number of people living in this planet. A report taken on September 2016 says that more than 1.03 billion people use Facebook every day, 500 million people use Twitter, 400 million use Google+ and 175 million use Linked in on a daily basis. These numbers are expected to considerably rise the upcoming days and for sure there is no sign of dropping out.

Social media continues to have an incredible impact on our day to day lives by making us accomplish connections with friends all throughout. Facebook facilitates the option of sharing information to several hundreds of your contacts at the same time. Twitter lets you to go through the current happenings and topics revolving over the web. This prevailing generation is pretty thankful for social media and listed down are the ways in which these networks have shaped the 21st century.

#1. Connection / Communication

It is not that easy to establish a connection and retain it for so long. Social media networks have made this happen merely simple by letting us establish new contacts, retain our already existing contacts and manage more number of contacts at the same instant. With social media, it has become possible to organize events and invite a group of individuals by just sending a group message.

Social Media Changes Taken Place in 21st Century

#2. Career

Networks like LinkedIn and Twitter makes it easier to interact with people all over the world and establish connections professionally. Linked In is widely acknowledged as world’s most trusted professional network which allows you to establish connections with more number of individuals. For example, if you are an emerging writer, then posting your contents in different social networks can be a way to project your works.

#3. News

Another best thing with social networks is a plenty of news stories can be shared and read via these platforms. Twitter allows its users to keep up to date with the ‘Trends’ module that shows list of updated words and phrases, which are commonly written as tweets at any time. Anyone can share news about anything over these networks.

#4. Marketing

Social sites play a significant role in making a company’s products and services more popular. Facebook page allows you to include the bio of your company, contact information and images. This makes the page more appealing and easily accessible for potential customers.

Additionally, you can also get to know the number of likes and shares your company has got. Social media networks also assists greatly in the conversion rate optimization since more number of people will be aware of knowing what a company would have to offer.

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