No doubt, Muhammad Ali was the famous boxer who had been an inspiration for other boxers for  last two decades. Whenever we talk about boxing, we talk about him. He was one of the greatest boxers of all time. Today, I am here with a list of 10 best boxers of all time in the history. I would like to introduce these amazing players of boxing field. We know much about Muhammad Ali but it is time to get an idea who else was so amazing.

Top 10 Greatest Boxers of All time

10.Sam Langford

He started his career as a  lightweight champion and then played welterweight, middle weight and heavyweight fights. He was a fighter and an amazing boxer who didn’t stop fight even when he was blind in one eye and could partially see from another. His blindness forced him to retire otherwise he was too good to win more championships


Ring Career : 1902-1926

9.Jack Dempsey

He was one of the best heavyweight boxers. He held this title from 1919 to 1926, he didn’t find anyone ike him for almost 7 years. He was famous among his fan due to his Furious two-fisted punching style. He was also known as Manassa Mauler. He was a part of most celebrated battles of all time. Luis Angel Firpo and Gene Tunney were two battles where he never let down his fans.After his retirement, he launched a restaurant.

8.Jack Johnson

He was the first black heavy weight champion in the world. He won the crown in 1908 after defeating Tommy Burns, he held this title till 1915 when he knocked down by Jess Willard. People think that he was  an ancestor of Muhammad Ali just because he was furious in the ring and had a power to antagonize white society with his bold and aggressive attitude. He died in a car accident in 1948.
Ring career: 1897-1928

7.Benny Leonard

He was the world’s lightweight Champion and he won this title in 1917. He retired in 1925 while he still had this title. He was also famous as the longest reigning lightweight champion ever. At one point during his career, he fought and won 154 consecutive bouts. He was powerful boxer with enormous  talent. He became referee at his retirement and died while he was refereeing a bout in New York. He gave his complete life to ring.

Ring career: 1911-1932

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6.Roberto Duran
He won the Light weight Championship title in 1972 and kept it for seven years. He was quite dominant in the ring. He knocked down sugar Ray Leonard in the ring and then he became Welterweight champion in 1980. He won junior middleweight belt when he defeated Davey Moore in 1983. He was the best boxers of all time. He won a middleweight belt in 1989 after beating Iran Barkley.
Ring career: 1968-2001

5.Willie Pep

He was famous due to his strong defensive skills. He won the title of world’s featherweight champion two times. He got seriously injured during a plane crash but he achieved success even after this incident. He won first 63 bouts. He fought with Sandy Saddler and won three out of four brutal bouts.

Ring career: 1940-1966

4.Joe Louis

He held the fourth position in world’s greatest boxers of all time list. He won world heavyweight championship in 1937, three years after starting his career in 1934. He possessed strong defensive power that’s why he kept this title with him for more than 11 years. His fight against Max Schemeling of Germany made him the most famous boxing champions. He retired in 1949.
Ring career: 1934-51

3.Henry Armstrong

He won featherweight championship in 1937 and next year he won welterweight title. After three months of that title, he became lightweight champion. He had many nicknames and the most popular ones are “Homicide Hank”, “Hurricane Hank” and “Hammerin Hank”. He was a furious fighter and his name definitely justified his battle and career. He was a non-stop fighter who could suffocate his opponents with punches. He faced 17 world champions and knocked down 15 of them;l isn’t it super amazing?
Ring career: 1932-45

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2.Muhammad Ali

I don’t think this boxer needs any introduction. He was then greatest heavy weight boxers of all time. He is the true inspiration for today’s boxers who want to win the same title.He reinvented the boxing ways with which heavyweight could fight with speed and accuracy. He remained the definition of champion for many people all over the world.

Ring career: 1960-81

1.Sugar Ray Robinson

He was the best boxers of all time who won title of welterweight in 1946  and got light heavyweight championship in 1952. He was the most amazing boxer with amazing characteristics and superb skills. His fan considered him as “The perfect boxer”. He was the best welterweight champion. Although he was not dominant when it comes to middleweight champion yet he won this title five times.

Finally, you have a list of greatest boxers of all time. Now it’s your turn to share your opinions about your favorite boxer. I would like to hear from your side.

Information Source: ESPN