35 Most Interesting Facts About Mobile Phones


Can you imagine your life without technology? Do you even remember how we lived before technology became a part of our daily lives? Whatever we do or wherever we go it’s inevitable to find at least one piece of technology that helps us and makes our daily work easier.

The best and most common gadget we use is our mobile phone. It helps us to say connected with our friends, family, business..but have you ever wondered about statistics or facts about phones?

There is around 6.8 billion people currently living in the world, and about 4 billion people are in the possession of a smartphone. There is over one billion active mobile phone subscribers in China only.

Every phone has bits and pieces of gold in their hardware, so can you imagine how much gold there is in our phones?! Almost 60 times more gold can be found in a tone of mobile phones that are thrown away, than in a ton of gold ore.

But this is only a few of the interesting facts about mobile phone,  there is much more fun and entertaining facts presented in the form of infographic, made .

When you are in the office make sure you don’t leave your smartphone on the desk unattended. After all, 11% of all mobile phone thefts happen in the workplace. On the average every smartphone user will unlock their mobile phone 110 times a day, to check for new notifications. It is astonishing that more than 30% of users either loose or break their phone, which might be due to frequent handling of the phone.

In Japan, long before waterproof smartphones, most of the mobile phones were waterproof so users could be reached even when they are in the shower. As we are talking about hygiene: there is 18 times more bacteria on the mobile phones than in the toilets. Even more disturbing is this fact that there is more mobile phones in the world than there is toothbrushes and toilets. Other interesting, surprising and less known, but amusing facts about mobile phone can be found in the graphic below: