5 tips for simplifying your website’s development


Creating a website isn’t that easy. There are a lot of things to consider. The more you research, create and apply, the more you’ll learn. Thus, many web developers think creating a website is a hard and challenging task to follow. A developer generally considers much of things that 1.1 billion or 70% of the internet users do after getting Internet access. Be it the user-interface, web page/website loading time, or the information, everything should be built in such a way that it pertains in entertaining all the visitor needs. Hence, summing up a few points for consideration before the website development process by any website designing company in Delhi, we present 5 easy tips to make an adequate and worthy web portal.

Clean and Straight-forward

A positive ambience and impression is the fundamental of any website for a visitor to feel comfortable, carefree and simple to browse with ease. The navigation, menu bar, page listing and content of the website may feel plain and intelligible to a visitor and at the same time lucrative as well. Every piece of information is crucial and should reflect on your website’s content. The fonts like Helvetica, Tahoma, and Veranda etc. are professional and clear enough to read, enhancing the website font readability and marking the important information’s on it.

Guide the first-time user

Tutorial or user manual is a common thing that most of the first time users search for during their initial visits to a portal. It allows a user to easily find and gain the information or required service of the website at any point of time. A link or banner for the same should show-up when a new user visits for the first time on the website. Make sure that you add skip button/option on the banner for those who do not want to go through the tutorial guide.

The Three Click Rule

The three click rule comes under the website development services. This will make a website available for information with no more than three mouse clicks. The users feel comfortable with this and often find the information easily in just three clicks.

Basic SEO Integration

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential requirement in website design and development. It is a way to rank a website on search engines so people can find it easily. Google, Yahoo, Bing and others crawl on your website once in a week or day and make it visible on the respective search engine, making it easy to find the useful information on the web.

On-Page SEO format


<title>  </title>  {title helps to catch the search keyword rapidly. Use the significant keyword over here for most no. of visits} 

<meta name=”description” content=” ” /> {description gives a small idea of a page, product or services}

<meta  name=”keywords” content=” ” /> {these work as same as the ‘title’ but here we can also add meaningful phrases apart from product/service keywords. Keywords are never visible while we search but play an important role for a website.}


This is how a basic On-page SEO displays on Google.

Call to Action (CTA)

A Call to Action button is a common term that every best web design company uses, to point something on your website you really want your visitor to do. Evidently, the foremost product/service takes that place by which an increased number of people could know about the same. An example is given below.

So, while planning for your website, consider what to include for getting more visitors and customers, and most importantly plan according to your goal to get a positive taste in your business.