Are Brits Addicted to Apps?


Here’s some fab news for Mobile App Developers! New research suggests that Brits are so addicted to and dependent on their smartphones and apps, that a quarter of them actually believe that mobile apps are equally as important as a basic human needs including eating, breathing and drinking.

Carried out my A10 AIR, the research found that Britons stood out over other countries in a number of ways, also demonstrating careless behaviour towards looking after their trusted mobiles.

“• Brits had the largest percentage of employees (41%) who use non-sanctioned apps at work.

• Over half (55%) of Britons would rather lose their trousers than their smartphone, while only 22% more Germans were prepared to lose their smartphone rather than their trousers.

• More Britons claim to have had their mobile devices hacked – one in four (24%) – than any almost any other country globally – and more than any other European country.

• UK participants lose their mobile devices more frequently (24%) – or have them stolen (19%) – than the global average, and more than the rest of Europe.

• Nearly one in three (32%) of UK participants said cyber-attacks are something they just try not to think about – more so than the global or European average.

• Brits don’t think about security when downloading apps. The countries that think least about security risks are the UK and Japan.”

When it comes to what they’d grab in an emergency, Britons showed an almost equal preference for their smartphone (38%) or a safe with important documents (37%), far higher than the number who would save family photos (19%). Only 6% of Britons would save a computer in the event of an emergency.

When compared to the rest of the world, Britons lagged far behind China in their attachment to their smartphone – 74% of Chinese people stated that they would save their smartphone in an emergency as compared to 38% of Britons and only 31% of Americans.