Autonomous Vehicles: What’s Next?


For decades, society has fanaticized about robots, flying cars, and other science fiction that is now becoming a reality. We now look at new dawn of the driving experience as autonomous vehicles are hitting headline news.

We’ve experienced great changes over the past decade in the auto industry with safer technology such as back up cameras, Bluetooth integration, and programs such as On Star. Now, we look to the near future as technology revolutionizes the driving experience once again. Self-driving cars are said to be close to the mainstream market and many people anticipate great changes. Although there is much excitement building for this advanced technology, many questions are being raised about how we might need to consider these new vehicles.



Many people are skeptical about the decision making conducted by machine versus the traditional thought process of a human being. For instance, if there was a decision to be made in a situation where an accident was about to happen, what would the machine’s moral decision making process be? Would the autonomous vehicle be designed to consider the safety of the driver, the possibility of less casualties, or neither?

Another great point to consider is the legislation that would be in effect. Would the driver of the car become responsible based off the algorithm of decision making produced by the manufacture or would manufacture be liable for any possible accidents?



With vehicles ran by machines, many experts have concerns about the possibility of hacking. Since hacking in the auto industry has already taken place, its only logical to assume that this could still pose a risk for consumers in the future. Consider the ability for hackers to unlock the vehicle, igniting the engine, and controlling the vehicle remotely. This is something that many consumers are going to seek answers for in the coming months.



Other experts are anticipating that product liability is expected to uphold the same standards. If a manufacturing company produces faulty equipment, they are responsible; however, if in the event the accident occurrence is due to the negligence of the driver, they would be considered responsible for the damages.

These are but a few of the many questions being raised; however, they should be of great concern to commuters across the globe. Once these vehicles hit the mainstream market, they will be something that all drivers must consider, regardless of whether or not you own one.

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