In the world of fast evolution of technology, there is no guarantee of a single strategy to work forever. As a result of which data is exposed to danger. One has to upgrade data regularly not only in the business world but personal data as well. Files like movies, music, videos, documents, photographs etc. are all stored in a single device. There is no guarantee that this device will be safe from every uncertainty. There is a large decrease in the prices of electronic devices and their capability to store data has increased at the same time. Storing your entire data in a single device can prove to be dangerous and frustrating for users.

Many factors theft, physical damage, natural disaster, human mistakes can damage to your data which prompts people to know the essence of backup computer. Prevention is better than cure is one phrase everyone has listened to and taking action on this would benefit in severe situations. Backup strategy is one such prevention for the loss that occurs due to deletion of important files. Different methods are available to backup your computer which you can decide by collecting and comparing all features that are available in each method according to your needs.

Methods of backing up

It is very simple and convenient to make a clone copy of your files. You just have to assign priority to each type of file. For instance, one can be very sensitive about his photographs, so he can make its backup in various storage devices. There are a lot of methods to back up and you can use more than one method as well. In fact a backup is the only way to recover files if the hard drive of the device crashes or fails, stolen physically damaged etc. A decision should be made and it should be given priority to back up your computer.

Manually, you can back up data in many ways. That means, taking a copy of your music playlist to your pen drive is also a back up. Other than manual, there are three ways in which you can back up your files more conveniently. An effective backup means to be able to recover files within minutes if there is a need to.

The three methods are as follows.

  • Internal backup of your files that means the copy of the whole system within the boundaries of the device. This backup offers limited functions as if any damage to the original device occurs, the recovery would be impossible. So it is always recommended to use an external storage device.
  • Using an external device to store the copy of files that gives you variety of benefits. These are generally used to store personal files of the user which cannot be replaced if deleted. You can use the internal as well as the external storage which will provide you with more safety along with convenience.
  • The third way is to opt for the Cloud backup which not only provides backup but will not require any extra hardware, provided, if a person is ready to bear the minimal risk of theft, or unauthenticated usage of files.