How will TRON decentralize the web?


For many years Tronix has been trending and right from the launch of TronWallet to the idea of decentralizing the web, Tron (TRX) is set to make a revolution here. The Tron Protocol will decentralize the internet and eventually the whole showbiz industry. To launch DApps development, Tronix will provide a decentralized platform for the decentralized organization. Before we get into details about decentralized, let us first understand what DApps are?

DApps Development

For content creators, DApps give the power of content ownership. Wondering what does this mean? Well, for any of their content the ability of data ownership allows users to be rewarded revenue. Massive centralized companies dominate everything in the current internet, and all the tax collected by the greedy organizations goes to their pockets. But not anymore as the future of Web 4.0 will get decentralized by Tronix. Just about any entertainment app, the decentralized Apple App store, Facebook, YouTube is currently centralized.

Some interesting facts about DApps Development

  • With no central server, DApps development is decentralized apps which are peer to peer
  • One group will no longer control data.
  • Due to no central server getting backed up with millions of user’s data, it will flow smoothly across the web with faster download speeds. That means less congested network.
  • Information and data can easily get hacked with the help of centralized servers.

Illustrations of Apps on the centralized internet

Centralized companies own mobile applications like YouTube, Apple music, Facebook and much more apps. These companies along with centralized authority do not share the revenue they generate with their users. In today’s centralized internet Facebook is a prime example. Over the user’s data, massively centralized tech industries with absolute authority. Which means that your account, posts, pictures, data might go missing one day as per the terms and conditions.

The information of over 2 billion people connected to a social media mobile application can access all your pictures, data, posts, messages and much more. The app then sells all this information to analytic data companies, who later give out this data to various other companies like advertising and marketing industries, political parties and other service or company. Therefore imagine the type of power this centralized organization holds, and the information they have across the globe is alarming. This medium is the problem of centralized authority.

Specimens of BlockChain Based Decentralized Apps

Machine (TVM) got launched. Moreover, in comparison to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) this medium carries many advantages. DSound, GAME.COM, Steemit, Global Social Chain (GSC), DTube, and much more are the illustrations of DApps, providing all the benefits of decentralization like decentralizing music, Social Media content, writing content, Gaming, video and more.

Hence, the future of DApps has come, and there is nothing that can stop this blockchain based DApps. Rigel Networks expertise in smart contracts, blockchain based DApps, hardware mining setup, cryptocurrency wallet and exchange development. Right from designing an interactive frontend UI to a robust backend, our DApp development fulfills all your demands. Moreover, by integrating the latest distributed ledger technologies, identity solutions and smart contracts, our blockchain experts deliver an intense level of security and mobility to your enterprise.

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