The is a Kodi Android Box that is rated as the best Android Box from The Android TV box Kodi type has become one of the trending technological gadgets no wonder it’s deemed as the feature of entertainment. With the Kodi Android TV Box, one can stream the contents whether on the online or offline platform. At jynx we do have various types of Android Kodi Box. The variation in the Kodi Android Box is due to the different features and Specs that they do have. The Jynxbox is one of the latest Kodi Android Box is regarded as the best Android Tv Box due to its Culminating Specs and features.  There are different types of the Jynxbox Android Boxes, which are;

  • Jynxbox J912.

The Jynxbox J1912 goes for around $ 124.00 on the various online stores it has a 4K 64 Bit Android Processor that is essential for delivering incredible streaming speeds. The Octa core CPU was designed using the latest GPU enables it to deliver 4K HDR Quality Content at an impeccable speed.  It has the downloading speed of about 7 Gbps thanks to the dual-band Wi-Fi.

  • J912+ RII I8 + KEYBOARD Black.

It is regarded as the most powerful Android Box that has a price tag of about $ 149. The high-tech marshmallow streaming media player allows you to view the latest movies and music. This is the best Android TV Box that you can go when it comes to improving the entertainment levels of your house.