Prioritize Mobile Application Development for Your Business in 2018

In today’s digital era, where the demand for tablets, smartphones like Android and iOS is increasing like never before. With this, there is a rise in mobile application development, and for most of the organization, it has become a goal to represent their business. Before we get into this topic, let us first check on some statistical data from the global market and top brands who have augmented their sales tremendously by using mobile commerce in the year preceding year.

  • First, the number of visits to the retailer’s website originated from mobile devices on Black Friday 2017 was around 61% breaking all the mobile sales record
  • About 23 % of the US retail e-commerce dollars money spend via mobile devices
  • About 47% of consumers prefer using digital payment instead of cash

So looking at the above statistic data that is loud and clear, tells us that prioritizing a mobile app strategy, your potential buyers and existing customers will have a reason to use mobile app services, search, install and download. Thus, enhancing the customer experience by moving all forms of services to customer’s mobile screens.

Still wondering about the urgency and importance of mobile apps for your business? Then have a look at the below-given reasons using mobile apps for the benefit of your business. Mobile app development is the current trend that you should keep an eye on, irrespective of your background, whether a developer or a businessman.

Mobile Application Development is a preferred Marketing Channel

Marketing team in every organization works on creating new and efficacious strategies for customer engagement. Today the application is the most preferred marketing channel, as it directly connects to your target audience. The customers will get impressed with your product if the marketing information is useful and easily readable. With the use of Android mobile application and iOS mobile application development the industry can achieve their advertising goals and can also send promotions, discounts, upcoming offers, and information about new launches any time to the fingerprints of your mobile app users. Apart from these activities, the company can interact with their customers and also send push notifications.

Mobile Commerce or m-commerce is Booming in Digital Era

In compare to the sales in 2012, mobile commerce or m-commerce this year accounts for more than 31% of total sales. As a result, there is an incredible growth seen in the space of m-commerce. Apart from this, over the period the rates of mobile conversion as to how many users follow through with purchases have increased to 30 per cent year on year. Moreover, third-party integration like PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and many such digital wallets have become hugely popular and increasing the conversion rate to 10 per cent. As a result, it has tremendously reduced the abandonment rate. Therefore, in the coming years, mobile commerce is only going to grow in size.

Long-Term Relationships with Customer

There are plenty of marketing alternatives like Facebook ads, newspaper advertisements, banners, YouTube videos, the official website and many more ways to reach out to customers. However, it is not that easy as with time passes by customers tend to forget the company or product. Thus, having a long-term relationship with the users can convert them to loyal customers.

With a continuous presence of your company on the user’s phones through the app, mobile application development can build a sincere and long-lasting connection. It has become a revolutionary entity. Hence, in the long run, your customers will become loyal to your product or service.

So do you want to increase conversion rate, generate more business, give users the fast and easy way to purchase? Then you cannot afford to ignore the importance of mobile application development, as it will also gain you maximum benefits out of the mobile commerce boom. Therefore, if you want to get the benefit, boost your business and win many customers, then prioritize the mobile app development for your business in 2018.

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