What We Talk About When We Talk About Web Development

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Web Development is a broad topic, focused on the majority of activity related to the construction and application of anything viewed on either the internet or a local intranet. As a web developer in Melbourne, we typically focus on building the non-design elements of a website, such as writing mark up and code.

The Brief of Web Development

The tasks included in web development can range from e-commerce solutions to website development, client- and server-side scripting and web server configuration.

Web development can range from building the simplest static single page of plain text, all the way through to incredibly complex web-based applications, online stores, social networks, and various tools and widgets.

Who Needs Web Development?

Depending on your business size, your need for web developers may vary. Large organisations often require both internal development teams to handle everyday issues, as well as outsourced teams consisting of hundreds of individual developers to work on more important projects.

Smaller organisations can often get away with a single in-house developer or can utilise outsourced development teams. Most importantly though, regardless of business size, is that web development is all about team work, representing a collaborative effort between multiple teams, department and organisations.

Coding Languages

As previously mentioned, coding is both client and server facing, and can include the following coding languages:


  • CSS – standing for cascading style sheets, this script enables the separation of presentation and content, delivering the visual appeal of a web page without impacting on information.
  • JavaScript – one of the three core technologies for internet content production, JavaScript is used to make webpages interactive, delivering a variety of interactive online programs.
  • HTML5 – the most recent mark-up language to be introduced, its adoption has been quick and widespread, offer HTML capabilities and superseding the performance of traditional languages such as XHTML and Flash.


  • PHP – primarily used for web development, but can act as a general-purpose programming language.
  • NET – an open-source web application framework developed by Microsoft for programmers and developers to build dynamic web sites, applications and services.
  • Java – a general-purpose language designed to have a few implementation dependencies as possible. Java is one of the most popular programming languages for web applications.

Typically, you’ll find that any code that is client facing will cover aspects such as the layout and general design of a website. Conversely, server facing development looks at site functionality and back-end systems.

What To Expect?

Typically, a web developer in Melbourne will have a range of skills including graphic design, information architecture knowledge, copywriting and editing abilities with web usability and assessability in mind, as well as project management and quality assurance understanding.

If you’re interested in hiring an external developer to assist with anything client-side or server-side, rely on Newpath web and their skilled team of developers to get the job done.