The Absolutely Must-Know Facts on What Will Drive IT Employment Worldwide in 2017!


The Information Technology sector is one of the mainstays of high growth careers and jobs in the US. In fact, IT jobs in the US have grown at a far greater rate than any other sector in the US since the 1980s and will continue to do so in 2017. Tech sector jobs in 2017 will be more than ever before, and the best way to reach these opportunities with a proper certification in the specific technology that one chooses. Check out this interesting and short CredForce video that captures the trends and news about the IT sector jobs in 2017.

View the video and discover when IT sector jobs first went mainstream in the US, and how since then, Technology sector jobs have remained the highest paying and the fastest growing job sector in the US. This trend will, of course, continue in 2017, with most of the new technologies like cloud computing, data science and analytics being in extremely high demand. Find out how getting certified will open up great and lucrative opportunities for you in 2017! Most of these jobs are some of the highest paying in the market, with average software salaries starting upward of $90,000. Check out the video now!

Download the factsheet without any cost and make the most out of your career in 2017.

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