Typically used in the mass production process, plastic injection molding has changed the way different products are produced. The speed and the ability to scale production en masse is one of the advantages of this process. Another is, of course, the cost because the price drops drastically because more parts are produced when you choose plastic injection molding.

However, when you are looking for a right process the factors to be considered should go beyond the price. You also need to consider several factors when choosing plastic injection molding as your manufacturing process.

The cost involved

The plastic injection molding process can be expensive. When talking to a manufacturer like Wintech, make sure that you factor in the cost of the production process the amount involved in the design, testing, production, assembly and of course the distribution before you decide. The manufacturer will be considerate in discussing the quotation with you before making the decision. Usually, the greater is the quantity; the lower will be the cost. If your quantity requirement is low, make sure to discuss this with the manufacturer, they might have some tricks up their sleeve to keep the cost down.

Design considerations

During the design process, there is a step called prototyping. Make sure that you do not miss anything in this step. The design engineer must see all the facets of the product during this stage. Minimizing the complexities and avoiding the unnecessary. In plastic injection molding process, the key is simplifying the geometry and focus on the tools so that defects are minimized. Although the defects will not be as costly as other manufacturing processes, still it will delay the production.

Production Considerations

There are two things to think about here, the cycle time and the assembly. These are the most crucial when picking a plastic injection molding manufacturer. The target should be to minimize the assembly and cycle time. Top notch manufacturers like Wintech has made a name because of their expertise, advanced equipment and their ability to help clients minimize cost.  

Building a mold in plastic injection molded part can be within the range of 4 to 12 weeks. During this time, all the design factors like part complexity should be discussed thoroughly between the designers and the engineers as well as with the other individuals who are involved in the process. It is advisable to communicate with the manufacturer your time constraint as early as possible. This is because your manufacturer must first gauge their capacity and make their own timetable to meet your deadlines.

The plastic injection molding process is used in almost every item we used in the industries and in our home. Whether you are launching a new part or wanting to redefine your current product in the market, the secret lies with the manufacturer that you choose. To avoid pitfalls, make sure that you choose a manufacturer who has the expertise and experience in plastic injection molding. They are not only your manufacturer; they are also your partner. Make sure they are onboard with you to make better products.

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The speed and the ability to scale production end masse is one of the advantages of plastic injection molding. The cost is also another benefit because the price drops drastically when more parts are to be manufactured.