Top 10 Popular One Click Root Apk for Android Phone



root android apkThe Android operating system is used by billions of people around the world on their mobile device. There are one click root APK available for Android users who wants to root their android phone. Android rooting is a process which provides the access to the administrative access or permissions.

Top 10 Popular One Click Root Apk for Android Phone

KingRoot APK is easy to use and is one click root APK for Android phones. It supports many different Android operating system versions used by the billions of users worldwide. Even it can be used with different manufacture providers of Android phones.

FramaRoot is another rooting app used for rooting Android phones. It can root the device without requiring a PC for rooting.

iRoot is a Chinese app for rooting Android device. It allows the installation and rooting to be complete in few minutes.

Vroot another software in Apk file format supports many different versions of the Android operating system. The different versions can be easily rooted with Vroot ask.

Towel Root small in size but eventually does the job well. By the developers of Geohot, the root Apk file is free of cost to use for rooting Android device.

Root Master Apk provides users many features with rooting the android phone. The Root master can be installed in few minutes without any hassle.

Unlock Root software for rooting not only roots but also to reverse the process for an Android device.

Z4root for Android one click rooting is easy and safe choice for the rooting process. It can root device manufactured from different manufacturers as well as different operating systems of Android.

Baidu Root is widely known for rooting with the mobile or with the use of PC as well. It has rooted thousands of devices and easily available online to download with agreeing to its permission policy.

With help of rooting the user can gain full access to the root directory of their phone. When rooting the Android phone is complete you can customize and modify the device. All the APK root software is available within Apk file format.

Universal Android Root APK is ready to use just by installing it. This is the simplest Apk file format to use for rooting any Android device. One click root Apk are best to use for their simple and easy to root feature.