The e-commerce industry has witnessed a phenomenal boom in the last decade, with mobile commerce taking the lead. This comes as no surprise considering the fact that a majority of online shoppers want to explore e-stores through their mobile devices rather than desktops. With this, it becomes important to choose a development platform that enables seamless mobile shopping experiences. If you are considering to extend your reach to the m-commerce domain, Magento 2 is one platform that you can fully trust. After emerging as a winner in this segment, Magento has brought this latest version that takes its functionalities to the next level. Let’s list the mobile-friendly features of this platform that make it the best choice for going the m-commerce way:

An updated technology stack
Magento 2 comes with an updated tech stack comprising innovative tools and features that makes it easier to manage and maintain the e-commerce store. Additionally, it offers support for PHP 5.5 and 5.6 simplifies the coding process for Magento 2 developers. With a technology stack that serves extensive benefits for users and developers alike, this version becomes an excellent choice for e-commerce businesses.

Mobile responsiveness
Since the new version is fully responsive, it enables the creation of web stores that run seamlessly across a variety of screen sizes and devices. Its themes offer improved mobile responsiveness and also bring a range of mobile-friendly features. Responsiveness is an asset for any e-commerce store as it automatically fetches high SEO rankings according to Google’s new search ranking algorithm.

Mobile app development
A responsive website is not enough for a business that wants to leverage the m-commerce advantage to the fullest. With mobile apps, it becomes possible to deliver enhanced shopping experiences and engage the customers with personalized selling. Businesses can do so by investing in Magento mobile app development. Magento 2 is even better when it comes to yielding feature-rich and secure mobile apps.

Enhanced functionalities with powerful APIs
Creating a mobile version of an e-commerce site is a challenging task because there is a need to connect all the services to provide a seamless interface and experience. Magento 2 is empowered with versatile API that enables the addition of all the required functionalities and features in the m-commerce solution.

Caching for performance
Another reason that makes the investment in Magento 2 development services a smart move for businesses is that it comes with advanced caching capabilities. This is a critical performance parameter for a website and renders good performance even if mobile connectivity is unpredictable. The version offers support for Varnish Full Cache which again gives the website a performance boost in all circumstances.

High-end user experiences
Magento 2 brings high-end user experiences, irrespective of the device that is being used to access the store built on it. It comes with a convenient mobile drag-and-drop feature that facilitates an easy addition of products. There is also the option that renders content dynamically for mobile websites. It implements improved search options that save the time and effort of the user with simplified product searches.

Simple and cost-effective upgrade
With Magento 2, it is easy to upgrade the core software as well as customize the extensions in accordance with specific business requirements. The process is cost-effective and can be done without any hassles, which means that it becomes easier for the business to move over to m-commerce as well as avail all the features that come packed in this new version.

Enhanced admin panel
Not only does Magento 2 supports the m-commerce shift but brings a wide range of benefits for the merchants as well. The admin dashboard in the new version is simplified that makes it easier to use for newbies. At the same time, it comes with some enhanced checkout options that expedite the checkout process and deliver better user experiences. Better user experiences translate into an increase in conversions for the business.

Seeing these mobile-friendly benefits of Magento 2, it can be said that this platform is an excellent choice for those who want to secure a mobile presence for their businesses. Grabbing the m-commerce advantage is a necessity for businesses and this is one investment that they should make happily. However, it is advisable to partner with an expert developer team that can use the best features of this platform.