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Whatsapp recent updates once again make the app users provoked

Whatsapp, the most popular messaging application is being used by the people due to its simplicity, privacy, and effectiveness. The number of users in Whatsapp gets increased due to the frequent updates like status and mute features, video calling facilities, location sharing and much more.The update was dotted by WABetaInfo in the beta version of the Whatsapp.

Whatsapp has brought new features to its smartphone app newly which even includes the Snapchat style short video known as the ‘Status’. Whatsapp indeed re-added its fundamental text related status update feature resulting in a backlash from users who grumble about its elimination.

As of now, there are reputations that Whatsapp will go up an update which will eliminate the feature that makes the users stay apparent of contacts they need to bypass. These update might once again, provoke the users.

The update was speckled by WABetaInfo in the beta version of the app. With respect to the report, the fresh updates will prohibit you from concealing when you make an alteration to your account.

The report also advocates that Whatsapp will disclose user’s contacts when there is an alteration in the phone number or update their profile. Facebook and Whatsapp are likely to validate the display of this update but few reports suggest that it could be admitted as a new option in the security settings.

Whatsapp new Status updates will disappear after 24 hours

Whatsapp is making its largest alteration as it initiated the process. The messenger app has emerged a new feature known as the Status, which will turn Whatsapp into a kind of social media app. With the feature, that will appear as an individual tab inside the app users will be capable of sharing GIF, videos, and photo, which is much similar to working it on Facebook and Instagram.

However, that is an exclusive bit about the Status notifications. The ideal bit is that it has been photocopied from Snapchat and the Status by which the Whatsapp users post will disappear once the 24 hours get completed, just like the Snapchat application. Whatsapp was debugging the feature in the beta version of the app. By now it will go up to all the users in an even manner.

To use the updated Status feature, Whatsapp users need to have the updated version of Whatsapp. It states that all the matter posted in the Status tab will be a peer-to-peer encrypted one. The declaration with respect to the Status update was done by the co-founder of Facebook Jan Koum.

It much is enthusiastic to disclose that, concurring with Whatsapp 8th birthday on February 24, we are recreating the status feature. By today, we are making an update to status, which lets you share photos and videos with your beloved ones and contacts on Whatsapp in a safe and secure way. He also suggests that even the status updates are fully encrypted.

In order to use this feature user need to update the Whatsapp application. For some of the users it might not show updates. These users need to wait for a few days until the update appears on your mobile phone. The rise of the new feature will happen slowly. If not you can also copy the application with your friends if they do have the updated version of Whatsapp.

After copying just open the application and you can able to see the appearance of the new Status tab. From there the user can post their updates, which can be shared even with your friends. But you need to chance the privacy settings like who can get updates of your status. One more interesting feature of this update is it will disappear within 24 hours.

Will the status update make the Whatsapp user troublesome?

One of the wonderful features of Whatsapp application is its simplicity. It is a messaging application and the integrity and quickness of text messaging on Whatsapp have made it a huge success. Particularly during the starting stage, Whatsapp people adored this app, as it was a fuss-free, fresh messaging app not like the WeChat or Nimbuzz which have had more features but a one or more with a much arduous user interface.

But later, Whatsapp adds more and more features to the app. It has merged video chats and capability of sharing a variety of content plans like GIF and all. It has also summed the feature which allows the users to make VoIP calls.

Whatsapp old status feature has been brought out in the application once again

Whatsapp is assassinating the old status feature from the app which ends in the large public complaint and the firm eventually needs to bring back the old feature. The old status first emerged on Android and has, at last, arrived in iOS users by today.

The recent iOS update of Whatsapp which hits the version brought back the old status feature the about section. To use this feature, just go to App store and download the latest version of Whatsapp. As soon as the app is updated, tap on the three dots which are present on the right-hand corner of the application.

Go to the Settings and the tap on your profile picture and then “About” section appears. Just edit the status message which perhaps would be the users last status and rewrite the set your new status. The user needs to make an important note at this point note that this update will not vanish like the new Status feature and alters only when you like to change.

Your contacts can make a note of your status by making a new chat thread, moving to your profile. The recent update even brings other essential properties like a moon icon in the app’s camera to provide good photos in low light conditions and capacity to play videos without downloading. The application has rolled out a new property which can count images and other media shared in your chats.

Users can able to view the number of texts, images and GIFs shared with the contact by just clicking on a single chat. The firm even added GIF support from Giphy. Seemingly, the firm is also working on a feature which lets the user edit and cancel Whatsapp chats.

The new status feature is annoyed by some of the Whatsapp users

Although Whatsapp has brought out an essential feature there are some which may annoy the users. At present, Whatsapp had brought out Snapchat and Instagram-style stories where users could upload short videos and pictures and they can even share it with their contacts or friends.

Soon after users appeals old ‘text’ status feature, the company of Whatsapp has reformatted it by taking into deliberation of the people’s need. Now the new feature which is brought out will not let the users conceal when they alter their phone numbers. With respect to the news stated in DC, the update was dotted by WABetaInfo in the beta version of the App.

It has even stated that Whatsapp will reveal users contacts when there is an alteration in their mobile numbers or renovation their profile. Somehow, Facebook and Whatsapp are likely to validate the amount of this update.

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