Are you looking for the best child custody attorney in Boca Raton? Child Custody is quite a complicated issue. It is also very stressful for both the parents and child. When parents decide to separate or get a divorce, they may be faced by the scenario of who will have the child custody.

When the parents fail to decide the custody of their child, the matter goes to the judge. In this situation, an experienced child custody lawyer can help you to navigate the complications of custody.

Types of child custody

The terminology used for child custody may vary from state to state. The different types of custody that exist in the state of Florida include:

Legal Custody: A legal custody is the right granted by the court to the parents. It allows the parent to make decisions about the child’s health, education and overall upbringing. A legal custody can be sole or joint custody. In case of sole legal custody, only one parent is allowed to make key decisions on the child’s behalf. On the other hand, in case of joint custody, both the parents can share the legal custody of their child. However, in joint legal custody, the court may assign one parent as the final decision-maker.

Physical Custody: As the name suggests, a physical custody is the right given by the court saying that the parent has the right to keep the child with him/her at home. The physical custody may further be categorized as: sole physical custody and joint physical custody. In sole physical custody, the parent with whom the child is living has the primary responsibility to take care of child’s everyday needs such as food, clothing, shelter and wellbeing. In case of joint physical custody, the parents can share the right of physical custody of their child. It allows the child to spend significant periods of time in the separate homes of both the parents.

Limited visitation custody: In case of physical custody where the parents live far away from each other, the custody is usually awarded to just one parent. However, the other parent is given limited visitation custody rights.

An understanding of various things associated with child custody can be really helpful in protecting the rights of everyone involved in this case.