The giant robots? Yes, saw those coming a mile away. They’re giant robots. They’re hard to miss. I’ve been on the lookout for those since I saw Johnny Soko control one with a wristwatch back in 19 [mumble, mumble].

But while I knew “Titanfall 2” would have plenty of giant robots, great mechanics and deliciously fast-paced multiplayer — that’s what made the first Titanfall a breakout hit in 2014, and of course, EA and developer Respawn Entertainment would do their best to deliver more of what worked — I didn’t know exactly how thoroughly they would fix what was broken.

Specifically, I’m referring to the original game’s anemic single-player experience. Everyone dinged it for this. I was aware that Respawn would attend to it, and I knew we would learn more about the bond between pilot and Titan through a story-driven solo campaign.

But one of the best I’ve ever played?

I didn’t see it coming.

Iron Giants

Perhaps I should have. Respawn is the brainchild of the co-founders of Infinity Ward, the original developer of “Call of Duty.” They know how to craft a single-player game, and it doesn’t take long for the muscle memory to kick in.

You play Jack Cooper, a rifleman fighting for the Militia against the big bad IMC. Despite your terribly generic name (sorry, other Jack Coopers), you wind up being integral to the success of the Militia the moment your mentor, a master Titan pilot, is killed in action. Once you figure out how to power it up, a giant mech named BT-7274 – just “BT” to you — becomes your partner, guardian and comic relief Read more.