offers Discounted Rates on Hotel and Flight Bookings in Celebration of #PSL2017

The Pakistan Super League is finally here and we Pakistanis could not be more excited. After witnessing exhilarating cricket in the initial stages, most of us are frankly desperate for a chance to somehow get to UAE to experience Pakistani cricket on international soil; except for the final of course which will be taking place in Lahore.

In answer to all your prayers and wishes, has launched travel deals and packages to make traveling as affordable as can be for every Pakistani. In celebration of the cricket season, is launching amazing travel packages for the Pakistani audience that ensures traveling proves to be as inexpensive as possible.

You think I’m exaggerating? Have a look at the deals yourself:

  • Up to 25% off on Lahore Hotels: Yes it’s confirmed, the final of PSL 2017 will be played in the cultural capital of the country – Lahore. You can book your hotels in Lahore with a 25% discount through by using the voucher code Valid till 7th March.
  • 10% off on UAE Hotels: The playoff matches will continue to take place in UAE and you can book hotels in Dubai and Sharjah at a 10% discount through by using the coupon code:
  • 25% Discount Vouchers on Flight Tickets to UAE and Lahore: Make your way to the center of all the fun by booking your hotels and flight tickets through the travel portal to avail a 25% discount. All you have to do is make use of the coupon code: This offer is valid until 7th March.

PSL marks the return of national cricket in the country and gives us a chance to collectively celebrate something together, solely as Pakistanis, putting all our differences aside. We at believe that this is an amazing opportunity that should be availed

Looking for a reason to make the Trip?

Well, we have the answers. If you’re hesitant to avail this offer and go on an unplanned holiday, then don’t worry we know exactly why you’re procrastinating and know how to convince you:

  • PSL only comes once a year. If you don’t go now you’ll have to wait for another year to watch your favorite teams battle it out for the PSL trophy.
  • This vacation is perfectly suited for couples who can’t decide on a single destination – Husbands can look forward to the matches in Dubai, while the ladies enjoy the shopping.
  • You don’t have to worry about all the planning and bookings. Thanks to planning a vacation has become simpler than ever before. You can now book your flight tickets and hotels all online. has made all possible efforts to support the revival of cricket in Pakistan and encourages everyone to actively support it. Don’t miss out on all the festivities and avail this amazing offer.

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