Why Is Train Travel The Best?


Travelling by train gives you some of the best and most memorable experiences in your life. There are many reasons you should just check the train availability and take a journey by rail. That feeling you get when you sit by the window and watch the passing frames of different hues, patterns, and colours and immerse yourself within the colours and daily adventures of other people like you is pure joy.

Some of the popular reasons most of us prefer to travel by train compared to other modes of transport are:

  • An Opportunity to make new friends (and become closer to your current friends-

Trains, as a socializing space, are quite different from all other modes of travel. You get drawn into various unpredictable conversations while travelling on the train by just sitting in the same compartment. Many a journey has ended in making wonderful new acquaintances and getting a glimpse into an alternate worldview altogether. If you are travelling with a group of friends, then the fun that unfolds is of another level – whether you want to sing, dance or play cards, you are sure to have loads of fun. With your family as well, the journey is like an extended picnic with positive vibes all around.

  • Exquisite Train Cuisine-

On a train that actually offers catering, ordering a meal is an opportunity to treat your taste buds and let your inner foodie rule. The meals on offer are hygienic and healthy aside from being delicious.

  • A Saga of Landscapes-

India offers unique beauty with breath taking vistas of mountains and untouched countryside as well as concrete jungles with a flavour that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. A train journey gives you a way to explore the various vistas on offer with the soothing and meandering path of the train.

  • Friendly to People on Any Budget-

Anyone who loves travelling is given the opportunity to do so by rail transportation. The fares are extremely pocket-friendly and come in various tiers depending on what you feel comfortable paying. Moreover, the journey can be carried out in comfort; if you have a long journey to make, sleeper coaches ensure that you get a place to sleep properly as well.

  • A Teacher of Many Lessons-

A train traveller has much to learn from their journey. This ranges from being able to walk among the many others and travel as one of many without issues of privacy to learning how to be patient as many other passengers come on as well. You can never guess what could happen. The only thing for sure is that you come away with a profound new insight into the life and various actions after each journey.

  • Watching the Crowds at the Stations-

The Indian crowd is one you can never get enough of watching. Nowhere else can you see the sheer amount of colour and diversity at the same location. The scenes that play out at a train station are sure to keep your attention engaged. The hustle and bustle is a wonderful thing to witness.