Presently, you have started living in an enormous residential area, which is preferably called the International themed township in Pailan. Living in a themed township in Kolkata is a dream come true for many homebuyers. The architectural signatures taken from the renowned places like Istanbul, Paris, London, Dubai, Kolkata, Madrid and Milan need a special mention, when residing in an international theme based township.

Facts of Vastu Shastra

Everything goes fine as long as you are living happily and peacefully. The peace and comfort not just comes from living amidst luxury & beauty, but other important things are also concerned. Vastu gives your home a different look, thereby, helping you enjoy a happy and peaceful stay. Before you are purchasing a new apartment in the International themed township in Pailan, some basic things you must consider. Vastu Shastra is an ancient belief that shows the right directions to people on how the different laws of nature influence human dwellings. Vastu Shastra is concerned with five important elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. In fact, there is a constant and invisible relation between all these five elements.

As you are looking forward to a happy and healthy living, here below are some of the important Vastu tips for your new home:

House Entrance

As per Vastu, East direction is considered as the most auspicious and significant entrance of a house. The obvious reason behind the concept is that the sun rises in the East and brings light and positive energy right into the household. The house entrance can also be faced towards the Northeast direction.

Kitchen Placement

Did you know that the southeast corner would be the ideal location for your kitchen? As the kitchen is considered as an important area of the house, it is important to take care of it. It is believed that this is one of those places in the apartment from where all kinds of energies prevail.

If you feel, the Southeast corner is not possible, then the next best option could be the Northwest corner. As the element ‘Fire’ entirely rules in the Southeast direction, place your cooking gas accordingly. Ensure that the person who takes the responsibility of cooking faces the East direction.

Living Room

A living room is known as the versatile room of your house. This is a place for relaxation, recreation and entertainment. You watch television, gossip with your family members, read books, drink, spend time with guests and other casual activities.

Make sure you plan your living room accordingly, if you want positive energies to flow into. Your living room must be located in the Northwest direction, because here the element ‘Air’ plays an important role.

Washroom Location

If you see from both the perspective of Vastu and general health, the location of your washroom must be in the Northwest corner of your house. It is recommended that the kitchen, washroom and room for worshipping must be next to each other.