OEM automobile parts market in India has been growing at 8% of rate annually since 2000. Manufacturers and suppliers of auto spares are reaping major benefits due to immense demand of their product ranges. These products not only become a part of their earnings, but have also completed the automotive world.

Suppliers of auto spares help users in saving their money. For instance your car engine fails and you need to replace it, you will contact OEM auto parts supplier to source engine for your car. After all, just an engine fails that doesn’t mean that it’s a time to buy new car. You can get it repair by experts!

There are huge risks and outsized opportunities available for auto industry. OEM auto spare parts suppliers are making efforts in changing and evolving the auto industry by leveraging the technology. The competition between countries like China and India becomes tough due to ‘lower price challenge’. China is presently leading the market as its production cost is cheap, the taxes are low, and there is more labor available.

Earlier it was hard to find spares for luxury automotives, but today, consumer just need to contact leading automobile spare parts manufacturers to source their desired branded spare parts at best rates. Made in India spare parts are still preferred by consumers due to quality materials used by manufacturing foundries.

Types of Auto Parts

  • Engine
  • Drive line
  • Electrical system
  • Dashboard instruments
  • Brakes
  • Wheels

Engine – No we won’t say that it’s a heart of an automobile because you have heard it so many times elsewhere. Engine starts a car and it is your responsibility to maintain the health of engine to let your vehicle perform well. Suppliers in India offer engines for distinct models- you just need to tell them your model number and they will bring it to you!

Drive line – It is a series of components connecting the motion developed by engine to the vehicle’s wheels to bring forward or backward motion for vehicle. You can easily find drive line components in the Indian market at very reasonable rates.

Wheels, brake, electrical system and dashboard instruments – Automobile parts market has many suppliers and manufacturing centers that are dealing in distinct types of spares and instruments and accessories. You just need to drop them a mail and query about their product range!