Word Search is an exciting but addictive puzzle word game developed by the Brilliant innovators. The game is about searching brain teasing search words in English language. When looking for a way to improve memory while sharpening your brain skills, look no where other than the free word search puzzle games. The game is available for a free download.


Word Search puzzle game offers a simple and user friendly gameplay. The words which you need to search are shown at the top. You can search words in horizontal, vertical and cross positions. Jumpings are not allowed. Slide the puzzle with your finger in the required direction to search words. Sliding the correct word marks it with new color with the availability of next search word. You can also skip a word by pressing red button at the bottom of the game if you are unable to locate it. This will replace it with a new search word. All the words in the game are generated randomly.

word-search game

Game Highlights

Levels of Difficulty

Like the other games, it offers three different difficulty levels, which are Easy, Medium and Hard.

Easy Mode

The easy level is about searching and matching three words in a minute. You get one point for matching the words within time. The game ends after the specified time interval. Your score is displayed on the board along with the best score.

Medium Mode

Medium level is about searching 4 to 5 word puzzles in a time frame of one minute. Matching the search word helps to earn one point on a scoreboard. Unable to solve the word search displays current and top scores on the leaderboard at the end of the game.

Hard Mode

Hard level is about searching long words. You have a minute to find words given to you. Match the word puzzle to earn a point. Like the easy and medium level, the score is shown on the leaderboard after finishing the level.

One Minute Challenge

Game provides a one minute challenge to solve word puzzles. Start the time to find and match the words in one minute. The more words you find, the higher will be your score. The player with the most points wins the one-minute challenge.



The game has a user-friendly interface matched with colorful graphics and fonts to make it attractive. The sounds with the background image all make it an eye catching game.

Game Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bi.wordsearchpuzzle



Word search is a nice addition to the genre of puzzle word search games. It is available for a free download and provides a lot of fun to players of all ages.