10 Study Hacks You Can Use When You’re Too Busy to Learn a Language



Have you ever wanted to learn a new language?

If you are like most people you may have desired to at one point or another, however, other excuses have taken over like:

I’m too busy

It is too late to learn

I don’t have the resources

I cannot afford to learn another language

It is too hard

The list can go on. The truth of the matter is most people think it will take long years before they can learn an entire language effectively. This is wrong. It does not have to take 7 years to become fluent. Whatever the excuse is, avoid the pitfall of making them. Excuses only rob you of the energy it takes to learn. In this article, we will provide 10 proven ways that you can learn a new language with a busy schedule. It is possible! Let us show you how.

1. Use Your 24 Hours Effectively

According to a recent scientific study, most people overestimate their busy schedules. Many times they think it takes more time to fulfill a specific task when they are making excuses. Americans have reported excessive hours tackling work-related projects. However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, one individual usually works about 40 hours a week. Nonetheless, those individuals are claiming to have worked 43 hours each week. The report has been found that the more hours a person works, the more they exaggerate.

In fact, Jean de La Bruyere said it best. She said, “Those who make the worst of their time are the first to complain of its brevity.” That is certainly a hard truth to swallow.

Every person has been given the same amount of time to be productive. Each morning brings forth a new day to complete a task you have been putting off. The difference between those who gain success and those who wish for it is the amount of effort they are willing to invest. What are you going to do with the 24 hours given to you?

2. Use Your Downtime Wisely

Dead time is defined as the duration of time between tasks. Most likely, this time, is spent idly. To piggyback on our last point, most people have bad time management habits. They spend their downtime doing other things like gossiping on the phone or entertaining hours of social media. The best downtime you have is mostly on your commute to work, school, traveling on a plane, or on your way to a meeting. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans spend 25.4 minutes or more. This time is mostly spent listening to the radio, complaining about heavy traffic, or playing games on the phone.

Did you know that you can use your downtime to learn a new language? It is as easy as trying out an audio learner such as Michel Thomas or Pimsleur on your smartphone. The best part about it is, within a few months you will have achieved a decent knowledge of any language from Spanish to Italian. You do not even have to sacrifice another activity in the process of learning. This practice can be easily included into your normal day-to-day schedule.

3. Study One Word Each Day

One big mistake many language learners do is try to learn an entire language in one day. This is impossible and leads to frustration. If you are doing this, you will be overwhelmed to the point of wanting to quit. In the case that you try to cram an entire language within a few days, you will forget words quickly. Learning a language takes repetitive learning. This is not an overnight process.

4. Foreign Language TV

What better way to learn a new language if not straight from natives who deal with real-life situations? Your brain will absorb the information much better this way and you’ll also learn plenty of uncommon words in the language you’re currently learning.

5. Flashcards

Another great way to learn a new language and make sure that the information stays in your head is to use flashcards. You can either use picture or words – the things is, your brain will work harder to make associations and new synapses are formed easier (this is the neurological connection that is created when you encounter new experiences or learn new things).

6. Find a Partner

When you have a partner, you push each other to really go for it. It might happen that when you realize that you’re doing less than your partner, you will get a bit jealous and then try and outdo the other guy. The idea behind learning a new language is having someone with whom you can speak.

7. Act Like a Child

There’s no fancy science here – just try to grasp a language the way children do. Have a strong desire to play in the new language and willingness to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and this is a fast way to hack your way to understanding this new language.

8. Learn the Right Words

A new language has tons of words. You don’t need a great memory for learning a new vocabulary, so this is not a reason to quit. Here’s the secret: you don’t need to know all the words of the language you’re trying to speak, to actually speak it. Use the Pareto principle – 20% of the effort you spend on learning a new vocab could give you 80% comprehension in a language. In English, for instance, just 3-400 words make up 70% of all written material. It’s just that we use some words a lot.

9. Experience real-world language usage

Try forums in other languages (e.g. Reddit). Watch movies in Spanish, Turkish, Arabic or the language you’re trying to learn. Listen to no national radio stations. Travel to that specific country. Understand why natives speak at a speed faster than the typical learning material.

10. Focus on Your Priorities

Why are you learning a new language? Answer this particular question and you will find your greatest motivator. Focus your energy and time on where your priorities lie. Do you want to be able to have real friendships and to be able to talk in the language with native speakers? Do you want to relocate to another country? Which is your why? Do you need to write in a foreign language? Research paper help for all levels of learning like routine school research papers, custom high school research papers, custom college research papers and custom university research papers, all are accessible with our custom research paper writing service, all you have to do is just to get in touch with us for all your problems concerning custom written research papers.

In order to truly grasp a language, consider choosing a few words each day. This will help build your vocabulary as well as your confidence in the long run.