This Spring, I had the honor of representing Syracuse University at Diversity Abroad’s 3rd Annual Global Student Leadership Summit. The Summit seeks to empower students to be world leaders through networking, professional development, and personal empowerment workshops.

I was initially a bit nervous about going to the Summit. I was the only student representing my school and as an introvert, I was a little uneasy about the networking part of the events. However, as a senior, I know that is a skill that I need to hone – so I was more than excited to be able to practice and receive instruction. When I got there, I was not disappointed. Not only did I get to meet a great group of truly inspiring students, but I also got to meet a vast number of professionals that work across many fields in the international sphere.


Upon arriving at the alumni center my first night, I was immediately greeted by someone that instantly recognized my name. This would foreshadow how incredibly accessible the professionals I would meet there would be. Click to read more.