Most of the time, people try to buy a cycle that can give them faster-riding experience than the regular cycles which are available on the cycle market. 29er Mountain cycle is a perfect choice for them. It has many advantages over the mountain bikes which everybody rides. Not only it has a bigger wheel size, it has also some other benefits. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of the 29er Mountain bike over the other cycles.


There are many advantages that convince the people to buy a 29er mountain bike. Here we are going to discuss some advantages that no other mountain bike can give the rider. However, if you are not sure about the size of your wheel then you can go for the citycruiser which can ensure you high-quality riding experience in different terraces. The design is also very gorgeous and you will get easily noticed on the road due to its beautiful wooden dashboard.

More control: 29er is most popular because it gives more control to the rider. When you are riding a regular mountain bike, you have to work hard to control your bike in difficult terrain. In 29er Mountain bike, it gives you full control over your cycle. To be precise you can get the amazing riding experience of city cruiser by using the 29er cycle on the road.

More traction: 29er has a bigger wheel than the other regular bike size. As a result, the tire area contacts more with the surface and you get a better grip on your cycle. The riders buy the 29er mountain bike because of this better traction advantage. Most importantly if you use bigger wheel then you can also cover a great deal distance within a very short period of time and you can also ride the uneven surfaces with a great level of comfort. If you look at the professional riders then you will notice that most of them are very concern about the comfort level and that why they chose the citycruiser as their primary bike in order to enjoy high-quality rides.

More speed: better wheel means more speed. This bike has a bigger wheel than any other mountain bikes. For this extra-large wheel, you can go long distance with small pedals. It has more speed than any other mountain bikes. However, before you switch back to 29 inches wheel make sure that you know the basic controlling skills of the cycle very precisely. Most of the novice traders forget to adjust the ride height of the cycle so make sure that you also adjust the ride height.

Conclusion: if you are thinking to buy a 29er mountain bike, you can go out to your local store and buy a bike. It is a great bike to have with superior control and greatly sped than any other mountain bikes. It also has a large wheel, that gives you an edge when you are riding mountains or hill terrains.